Tired of shelling out for failed first dates or just want to impress your partner without breaking the bank? We’ve got just the recipes for you to pull off a cheap yet romantic dinner for two.

1. Pan Seared Pork Chops With Peanut Sauce

Nothing quite sets the mood like exotic flavors topped off with a decadent fried egg. Being able to pull all this off in less than an hour is also a plus, since you never really know when that next Tinder date might pop up.

2. Rosemary Balsamic Chicken

Chicken may sound boring, but nobody can resist the sweet, dark elegance of the balsamic vinegar drizzle. Nobody.

Photo by Mackenzie Barth

3. Bacon Wrapped Dates

Even if you doubt the power of dates as aphrodisiacs, you can’t deny the forces of bacon. Hedge your bets with both in these sweet and savory treats.

Photo by Maya Krasnow

4. Spinach Mushroom Risotto

Serving up some creamy risotto shows off your finesse and doesn’t cost much to pull off. Use some of that spare cash to grab a bottle of wine and you’re all set for the night.

Photo by Vedika Luthra

5. Lemon Soy Baked Chicken

Who doesn’t love some good Chinese food? This dish has just the right amount of lemon-powered zing and will looks like it belongs in an expensive restaurant.

Photo by Sandy Huang

6. Salmon Pesto Spaghetti

If your date wants a healthier option, this super quick dish will surely satisfy. After the light meal, you’ll both have plenty of energy for whatever comes to mind.

Photo by Flickr user TheKitchenAccomplice

7. Jamaican Cashew Chicken Curry

This low fat, high flavor curry has just the right mix of exotic and familiar flavors. The garnish of butter-toasted cashews conveniently adds a flavorful aphrodisiac to liven it up even more.

Photo by Bonnie Wu

8. Maple Smoked Pork Chops

Smoking a dish usually means having to get cooking several hours beforehand. You can let your date believe that you spent all day making these delectable chops and keep the secret seasoning that makes it as easy as a marinade to yourself.

Photo by Hannah Lin

9. Pan Seared Steak

How can steak be cheap? Choosing the right cut and treating it with a little care is all it takes to turn a cheap cut of beef into a golden brown slab of sexy steakhouse goodness.

Photo by Daniel Shuleman

10. Garlic Feta Braised Chicken

This dish is healthy, looks bright and colorful, and tastes great thanks to its simple and cheap ingredients. Its sophisticated look hides just how easy it is to make and will surely wow a date.

Photo by Kate Mellinger

11. Fondue Feast

Is there a more romantic food than fondue? Probably not. This recipe gives you both a savory pizza sauce fondue and a creamy and sweet marshmallow fondue that will have your date begging for more.

Photo by Hannah Giardina

Photo by Hannah Giardina