When your friends and family tell you exactly what they want for the holidays, life is good. When they don’t (which is pretty much always), gifting is hard as hell. Avoid the awkwardness of buying a size large when they’re a medium and forgo the fake smiles when you receive something fugly. Become a holiday hero by following our 4-part gift guide of food-related items that nobody can say no to. First up is our curated list of 20 gifts $25 and under that you can purchase right here on the page. Happy gifting!

A wine glass topper for the hipster wine-drinkers in your life. Wine topper – $10

Sprinkle some of this stuff on a regular meal and trick anyone into thinking it’s gourmet. Gourmet Italian truffle sea salt – $23

Because really, who knows how to poach an egg the normal way? Poach pods – 4 for $19

The best thing to happen to apples since Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity. Xtraordinary apple peeler – $22

Enough of that vodka and Skittles crap (for the record – doesn’t work the way you’d think). Get a real flavor infuser. Vodka zinger natural flavor infuser – $25

This book is for people who don’t already know that sriracha is good on everything. Sriracha cookbook – $18

If it turns milk and chocolate syrup into chocolate milk, it sure as hell can mix whiskey and Diet Coke. Moo mixer supreme – $14

For when WTF, FAIL, OMG and LOL just about says it all. Chit chat coasters – 4 for $14

I bet someone you know loves bacon enough to die for one of these. Bacon dish towel – $18

Delta Gammas, these are for you. Nautical ceramic mug – $25

Someone’s party is about to get way cooler. Ice shot glass mold – $12

Get this for your roommate and they have to make you homemade ravioli. Plastic ravioli press – $14

Skip the tailgate and make hotdogs at home! Hot dog toaster – $19

For your clumsy friend who always spills their drinks. Spink beverage holder – $25

The new bible. Recipe cookbook – $12

For anyone who needs their iPhone speakers amplified while they drink water. Beat bottle – $20

Genius. Pancake pen – $13

Easy Bake Oven for college students. Babycakes cake pop maker – $25

Take the $4.00 out of a $4.25 Starbucks iced coffee. Iced coffee brewer – $25