It's happening again. You go to Caf looking for something to appease your appetite. As you make your way around the circle, you see the same food as the day before. Still the same powdered eggs and potatoes. Still the same fruits and yogurt by the salad section. You strongly question your college choice based on the lack of variety of food items.

After a few minutes of pondering "what else is there to eat?" you settle for the same bacon, spinach, and cheese omelet you get every time. Well, time for you to get creative.

Here is a short list of foods that you can "modify" to have a more creative dining experience.


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Joshua Panganiban

Some days are omelet days, other days are waffles days. It may be a hassle to have to watch your waffle to make sure it doesn't burn up after the timer goes off, but once you get it, it's worth it. Adding some ice cream to those waffles instead of butter creates the perfect mixture of warm waffle and cold cream. If you really want to be creative, you can fold that waffle in half, throw some ice cream in the middle, and make a wafflewich.

Bagels and Fruit

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Joshua Panganiban

Of course, everybody knows that you can use bagels to make a normal meat and cheese sandwich. What most people don't think of doing is slapping some fruit, either bananas or strawberries, in between those buns. This perfect mix of fruit and bread grants you with a creative healthy sandwich on-the-go.

Bread Omelet Sandwich

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Joshua Panganiban

Ever feel disappointed that the Caf doesn't have bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich? Even at the sandwich section, no such thing exists. No worries. All you have to do is get your desired omelet, two pieces of bread (or waffles), and slap them together. Toast it if you want. The end result is one of the best bacon egg and cheese sandwiches you'll ever have here.

Double Patty Burger

Joshua Panganiban

If you've never tried the combined taste of chicken and beef then this is a must on your list. It's just simply a chicken patty and a beef patty put together and it's delicious especially if you need that protein. If you want, you can replace the chicken patty with some bacon and make yourself a bacon cheeseburger. Or just add the bacon in the middle. Spice it up and get creative.

Don't let the dining halls bore you. Try new creative combinations. Do what you have to do to have fun. This time, it's okay to play around with your food.