At this point, you probably know there are so many reasons to eat produce that’s in season. It’s better for the economy, environment, and the produce tends to have so much more flavor. If you visit your local farmer’s market for your seasonal produce, it’ll be a whole lot cheaper, too.

But we all keep making those same old farmer’s market mistakes. How many times have you wanted to buy some fruit that looks amazing, but decided not to because you didn’t know what to do with it? Or worse, you end up buying it and it goes bad because you could never find a recipe to do it justice.

July is a month where so many different fruits, vegetables, and even meats are in season. These recipes let the freshness of seasonal summer produce speak for itself.


seasonal produce

Photo by Julia Murphy

When was the last time you actually cooked with blackberries instead of just eating them by the handful? If you can control yourself, try making this versatile blackberry chia sauce that’s perfect for topping parfaits, oatmeal, and even cheesecake.


seasonal produce

Photo by Analiese Trimber

Also known as the fuzz-less peach, there’s only one way to improve upon the taste of a freshly-picked nectarine – by cooking it with bacon.


seasonal produce

Photo by Jerry Strath

This fruit is a cross between a raspberry, blackberry, dewberry, and loganberry. Seems a little obnoxious, but it creates an extremely juicy, sweet, and tart fruit. They have a short growing season and don’t last long when picked, so they make great jams and jellies. Find some homemade jam at the market (or make your own!) to slather on a grilled PB & J.


seasonal produce

Photo by Angela Pizzimenti

Nothing says summer like a tall glass of lemonade. This recipe doesn’t let the peel go to waste and is most definitely Beyoncé-approved.


seasonal produce

Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

Fourth of July = tart cherry pie. Take it one step further by making this cherry berry pie that is made with four different fruits, all of which are in season right now. Because settling for just one fruit in your celebration pie would just be un-American.


seasonal produce

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Treat figs like the sophisticated fruit they are by pairing them with ricotta and honey crostinis. Bonus points if you pick up some local honey to put on those fancy toasts.


seasonal produce

Photo by Alexander Ren

If you’ve only ever had rhubarb when the word “strawberry” comes before it, you’ve been missing out. Make these rhubarb crumble crepes and you’ll forget strawberries ever existed.

Summer Squash

seasonal produce

Photo by Kirby Barth

I can’t think of a dish that wouldn’t be greatly improved upon by a side of roasted vegetables. Cooking fresh squash in the oven intensifies the flavor and caramelizes the outside. Roasting is a fail-proof way to guarantee that any variety of squash you could possibly buy will turn out delicious.


seasonal produce

Photo by Sarah Strohl

We all know they make great desserts, but it’s time to step outside your peach comfort zone and make strawberry peach guacamole. It may sound weird, but only good things can come from a mashed avocado.


seasonal produce

Photo by Jamie Medina

Let me guess: you bought it on a limb because it’s supposed to be the superior vegetable, at least according to the owner of the farmstand. If you still think beets taste like dirt, you probably never tried cooking them up home fry-style.


seasonal produce

Photo by Kathleen Lee

Even meat changes flavors with the seasons. Young summer lamb is known for its tender qualities. If you can find it fresh at the market, look for a firm, pink piece with creamy white fat and learn how to cook it perfectly here.


seasonal produce

Photo by Caroline Liu

Of course, no summer celebration would be complete without a refreshing beverage. Take advantage of kiwi season and blend them into a mojito for a fresh twist on the classic cocktail. Cheers to summer produce and take advantage of what the month of July has to offer before these great foods are gone.