Admit it, the best part of putting peanut butter on your toast is watching the heat from the bread uncover an entirely new element of peanut butter that just a spoon and a jar cannot. So, one late night at AU I indulged in the best “second dinner” and created the holy grail of sandwiches by using only bread, jam, peanut butter and a panini maker: The Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

peanut butter and jelly

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Using whole grain bread, several globs of Skippy chunky peanut butter (anything else would be a crime of nut butters) and a heaping spoonful of boysenberry jam, we created the most decadent and simple sandwich of all time. Or if you’re feeling even more creative, you can make your own peanut butter and jam.

Boysenberry jam virgin? No worries, this tastes like a mixture of grape, raspberry, and blackberry jams combined into one prodigious spread. Purchasing this from our local farmers market made our souls happy along with our taste buds.

peanut butter and jelly

Photo by Jerry Strath

Other fantastic pairings for this delectable panini are apricot preserves and peanut butter, the obvious Nutella and peanut butter, bananas and honey with peanut butter, marshmallow Fluff and peanut butter, bacon and peanut butter (it is divinely strange), fresh fruit instead of jam or jelly and even potato chips with peanut butter. The options are endless and discovering new interesting combinations can be a fantastic pass-time.

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