Don't take for granted the rich coconut meat that is found in coconuts, along with of course, coconut water. Packed with a myriad of nutritions, coconut meat is totally the “other white meat.” It is armed with 17 amino acids out of the 20 complete amino acids needed for optimal protein formation. Coconut meat is also a great source of iron, especially for a fruit. Interestingly, raw unsweetened coconut meat has been shown to reduce abdominal body fat, but not with your weight. In this easy-to-digest coconut meat, there are also folate (vitamin B), plentiful potassium, and fiber present. You should check out what common kitchen ingredients are made from coconut meat and see what food you can add this superfood to. 

1) Shredded Coconut Flakes

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Raw coconut meat is boiled, grated, and dried to make shredded coconut flakes, which can be unsweetened or sweetened. Per 1-cup serving, shredded coconut contains 33 grams of fat and 40 grams of sugar. This all screams sweet coconut desserts, such as Coconut Key Lime Cheesecake Dip2-Ingredient Coconut Macaroons, Beijinhos de Coco, Coconut Layer Brownies, and Coconut Almond Date Rolls. Just remember to eat these treats in moderation. If you’re feeling for a quick sprinkle of shredded coconut, go garnish your smoothies, homemade granola, and low-fat plain yogurt.

2) Coconut Milk

Making coconut milk starts with the meat being shredded and simmered in water. Then the separation of a creamy, thick layer (which becomes the coconut cream) and a thin, more watery layer happens in water. Coconut milk is made with the latter layer. Often used as a base for cooking, the milk also helps with your hydration and digestion due to its electrolytes and healthy fats. Add this vegan-friendly and dairy-free milk to Coconut Curry Noodle Soup and also try making Coconut Whipped Cream with it.

3) Coconut Cream

Coconut cream is different from cream of coconut, which is coconut cream with added sugar. Interestingly, coconut cream and coconut milk are made with the same methods, but coconut cream harvests the creamy, thicker layer that is separated from the thin, more watery layer in the simmered water. A great flavor and texture enhancer, it has been used in dairy-free or vegan desserts, such as Coconut Lime Cashew Smoothie.

4) Coconut Oil

Through a refining process, coconut oil is extracted from the meat. It has a mild flavor and is an excellent swap for olive oil in savory stir fry recipes or for butter in baking. Use the same amount of coconut oil as you would with other fats in your recipes. Coconut oil also contains medium chain fatty acids which means that they can be faster metabolized in the body. This is such great news, so why not make your life even sweeter with this Banana Coconut Bread with Cinnamon Streusel?

5) Coconut Butter

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Unlike coconut oil, coconut butter is made from the same process that nut butters go through too. From pureeing coconut meat until it takes on a butter-like consistency aka grinding the coconuts into a paste, the butter preserves its natural sweet coconut flavor as the entire coconut meat is used in coconut butter. Wow. It also has a distinct texture and consistency, such as hardening in cool temperatures and softening in warmer environments. Feel free to spread it on baked goods, top it on oatmeal/chia pudding, and more.

6) Coconut Yogurt

This vegan coconut yogurt contains much healthy probiotics, which are live bacterias and yeasts that help with yogurt thickening. It is also great for your digestive system. Using coconut meat, coconut cream, and coconut water, you can try culturing fresh yogurt with this coconut yogurt recipe

7) Coconut Flour

Great for cooking and baking treats like Coconut Flour Cookies, coconut flour is protein-rich, gluten-free, and grain-free. It also contains more fiber, like almost 58 percent more, than any other flour. This means that coconut flour loves moisture and will absorb liquids in recipes. So keep in mind that you cannot perform a 1:1 substitution of coconut flour to regular flour although it is a perfect alternative along with nut flours to regular flour. Generally, use about ¼ of the flour amount the recipe calls for

While sipping your refreshing coconut water, make use of the versatile coconut meat and please go coco-nuts about it.