The fizzy, fermented, $25 Coconut Cult yogurt is taking over the wellness world. Health influencers on my Instagram feed are constantly raving about it and its magical digestive powers. Obviously, I had to try it. However, when I discovered the price, I was unsure if it was worth it. I reluctantly bought the thing and tested it out to see how I really felt about it and how it would work for me. 

What is Coconut Cult Yogurt?

Coconut yogurt is vegan yogurt that is made from coconut meat, coconut cream, and coconut water rather than dairy. Coconut yogurt contains probiotics, which are live bacterias and yeasts that cause the yogurt to thicken. As gross as it sounds, they are super good for your health, especially your digestive stystem.

While all coconut yogurts have probiotics, Coconut Cult is slightly different. There are 800 billion probiotics per jar, roughly 25 billion probiotics per serving, each of which come from 15 vegan strains. It is a strong yogurt, and particularly why they urge newbies to start out by eating only one or two spoonfuls at a time. Unlike Coconut Cult, the majority of mainstream coconut yogurts are yummy replacements for regular yogurt rather than a probiotic supplement.

The yogurt is known for its very tangy and fizzy taste, and may even explode when you open it. Not everybody enjoys this effervescence, but it is something most become accustomed to, while some even grow to love it. 

Alright, Let's Talk About the Price

So, $25 is a lot of money for yogurt, I know. But there are reasons for basically paying a tuition for thick coconut cream that erupts. An over-exaggeration, but still.

I'll start by saying that you really can't think of Coconut Cult as a regular yogurt or snack, but rather a heavy-duty probiotic supplement that trumps any other food or pill you'd find on the market. Improving our gut-health is one of the coolest new trends on the wellness scene, so opening up your wallet for digestive purposes is becoming the standard, especially when it comes to something as delicious and high-quality as Coconut Cult.

Another reason why Coconut Cult is so expensive is because of the type of probiotics in the yogurt. They have resident forming strains, which remain in your gut for longer, rather than transient strains that are in more typical fermented foods. 

Lastly, Coconut Cult is made from real food. Like any product that is organic, has no added sugars, preservatives or fillers, and is hand made, it is going to be more expensive. I'd rather splurge on something high quality than continue to buy crappier alternatives when the price will eventually even out anyway.

My Experience With Coconut Cult

I recently finished my first jar of Coconut Cult, and I've gotta say that I completely understand the hype. Bye bye, babysitting money! Not only does it work (good digestion FTW), but it tastes great and seems to last forever. My favorite way to eat it is by the spoonful as a 4 pm pick-me-up.

It tasted very strong at first, but I got used to it (and started to really enjoy it) about a week in. It began to replace my afternoon kombucha and was just as satisfying. Health-wise, I noticed a big difference in my digestion. Not gonna talk too much about that, 'cause TMI, but I'd definitely buy it again. Plus, the cute packaging doesn't hurt.

Worth The Hype

Scroll through healthy food accounts and you'll see everyone from @leefromamerica to @shutthekaleup advocating for the rapidly rising brand, but don't think that it is the only way to have a healthy gut. Yeah, Coconut Cult is a delicious, trendy, expensive probiotic vegan yogurt, but whether Coconut Cult is not in your price range, or you just dislike it, you have other options. You can take regular probiotic capsules, eat other types of yogurt, drink kombucha, or eat fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut

However, if you do like Coconut Cult and feel comfortable purchasing it, I recommend starting out small and working your way up in the amount you consume. I'd also say to stick with it for a bit and you will eventually see a difference. However, once you eat it, your gut will thank you. Pick a flavor and join the cult.