As someone with a perpetual sweet tooth, chocolate is my favorite food. However, candy bars aren't necessarily superfoods, since they're packed with added sugars. As someone who is watching her sugar intake, I've been trying to find healthier alternatives, and that's where NibMor comes in.

NibMor, which is short for "nibble more," is a vegan, gluten-free chocolate company. All products are natural and made with simple ingredients. This company has everything from chocolate bars to fruit snacks, and even drinking chocolate. I've tried all NibMor has to offer, and here's what I thought.

Original Chocolate Bar 

The one that started it all, the Original NibMor chocolate flavor is simple and pure. With 72% cacao, it is incredibly dark and rich, just how chocolate should taste. Available as both a full-sized bar and an individual square, this bar will curb any craving.

Mint Chocolate Bar

Need an after-dinner mint but also craving chocolate? NibMor's got you covered with the mint bar. When you bite into this chocolate square, you're immediately hit with a refreshing wave of mint, followed by creamy chocolate. 

Sea Salt Chocolate Bar 

If you're a fan of salted caramel, you'll be a fan of the Sea Salt Chocolate Bar. The addition of the sea salt adds a great textural component to the bar, as well as complexity to enhance the natural flavors.

Extreme Dark Chocolate Bar

My favorite bar out of the bunch, the Extreme Dark Chocolate NibMor flavor is so rich that you don't need much to satisfy your craving. Plus, the little bits of cacao add a nut-like consistency.

All Natural Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs

Looking for something infused with superfoods? NibMor has all natural bites and bars that are packed with nutritious ingredients. This bar is reminiscent of the Original Chocolate Bar but with added crunch from the cacao nibs

All Natural Dark Chocolate Bites with Blueberries

My favorite product that NibMor has to offer, these Dark Chocolate Bits with Blueberries are seriously addictive. The blueberries are so sweet that it tastes like summer, and the dark chocolate really balances it out. I'm glad they came in bite-sized pieces or else I might've ate the entire thing—they're that good.

All Natural Dark Chocolate Bites with Tart Cherries 

If you like tarter treats, the Dark Chocolate Bits with Tart Cherries will hit the spot. Not as sweet as the blueberry variety, but just as fruity, these bites are packed with anti-inflammatory properties along with tang. 

Traditional Drinking Chocolate

Wintertime calls for some creamy, decadent hot cocoa.  Say goodbye to Swiss Miss, and say hello to NibMor's high-quality mixes. They're available in three flavors, and my favorite is the classic drinking chocolate. With simple ingredients that allows the cocoa to shine through, it's pure, delicious hot cocoa with none of the junk.

6-Spice Drinking Chocolate

Looking to spice up your life? Try out the 6 Spice Drinking Chocolate, which is NibMor's take on Mexican hot chocolate. This might not be for everyone, but I personally enjoyed the little kick from the cayenne. Plus, it meshed well with the generous dollop of whipped cream I added atop, so the heat didn't overpower the other flavors. 

Mint Drinking Chocolate 

For a warm drink with a cooling effect, reach for the Mint Drinking Chocolate. The hint of mint is subtle enough so that it doesn't taste like toothpaste, but it's prominent enough for a refreshing taste. Mix with your milk of choice to make for an even creamier drink. 

The next time you're craving some chocolate, try out NibMor. Not only is it a healthier alternative, but it's high-quality and delicious. You won't look at chocolate in the same way again.