The best stress-reliever is finding a new way to relieve that stress and MONQ is my newest treasure in relaxation. As a busy college student, I find myself spending a lot of time hunting down different ways to chill out after a long day of work and study. 

Yoga is a fantastic way to keep mental and physical health in balance. Meditation helps control breathing and as a result, stress levels. Tea calms any nerves and a warm bath is a great way to forget the stress.

The problem with all these forms of relieving stress is time consumption. Sometimes, I just need something quick to get me through the rest of the day. That's what I love the most about MONQ.

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Daniela Doncel

MONQ is an aromatherapy diffuser. It holds a blend of essential oils that release a gentle aroma that can melt your stress away. I was skeptical at first, it seemed like another vaping device on the market. Still, I decided to try it out anyway.

I was not disappointed.

At first glance, I was slightly disappointed. For a heavy price tag, I got a small, sleek tube with a pretty crystal at the end. 

Knowing I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, I gave the diffuser a shot. With one inhale, I was overcome by a smell of orange citrus sweetness.

Daniela Doncel

Any stress was simply washed away by a second inhalation. I was in a sudden peace.

It's not a e-cigarette and it's not a vaping device. It's a whole new level to aromatherapy.

Though I don't use it every day because I want to conserve as much of it as I can (due to cost), I do use it when I feel anxious or stressed out.

When I'm nervous to write or uneasy about a meeting, I just need a quick inhale from my MONQ and my stress levels lower completely.

MONQ also has many flavors from Zen to Vibrant to Sleepy to Happy to Sexy. Each has its own combination of organic essential oils that can change your mood within seconds.

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Daniela Doncel

Though they don't work for everyone, it's definitely helped me find relaxation when I don't have time for yoga or meditation.

With a busy semester, it'll now be easy to find some instant relaxation with this portable aromatherapy diffuser. 

If I have some downtime, I can listen to music and enjoy the natural high of relaxation with my Zen MONQ.

When I'm on the go, I can bring my Zen MONQ with me and calm my nerves if need be.

Daniela Doncel

Mental health and relaxation are a staple in my life now that I live a very busy college lifestyle, and the best part is that it's not just one thing.

Stress relief can be done through a number of solutions, and MONQ is the newest solution to come onto the scene.

I know I can rely on this form of aromatherapy to find some relief during a long busy day or to kick off a spa day full of relaxation.

MONQ has become the newest jewel in my treasure chest of stress relief with its instant relaxing spell, calming scents, and gorgeous sleek and shiny appearance.

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Daniela Doncel