I've always been a skeptic when it comes to holistic and homeopathic healing. I'm the kind of person to pop some Advil and drink water to cure my headache instead of turning to plant based methods. But my mom on the other hand, is very into alternative methods for curing ailments. She is a big proponent of essential oils and usually has a diffuser going in our living room to help purify the air. She will always let me know what aromatherapy blends cure different symptoms. Whether is a peppermint and eucalyptus blend to help you breathe better or a wild orange and lemon blend to energize you in the morning. 

So of course when she purchased a Himalayan salt lamp, she wanted to know if I needed one too. And my initial reaction was why do you have a light up pink rock on your nightstand. Since then I have been enlightened on the impressive benefits of this chunk of salt:

They purify the air

This might seems ridiculous, but hear me out. The Himalayan salt rock uses hygroscopy to eliminate allergens and deodorize the air. This funky word means the rock attracts water molecules from the air and absorbs those molecules -including the dirt/pollen/dust particles. The lamp warms up the same water molecules and evaporates it back into the air, but the dirt/pollen/dust remains trapped inside the rock. Pretty cool right?

They make you feel energize 

Constant caffeine consumption isn't the healthiest way to give yourself that boost each morning, so turn on a Himalayan salt lamp for some energizing ions. The lamp emits negative ions which give us a positive energy boost, we often feel these "highs" of energy while out in nature, chilling at the beach, or anything that makes you feel invigorated. And even I, the skeptic, can attest to the lamp making me "feel it." 

They help you sleep better

And if there's anything college students need more of it's sleep. Going back to my previous point about the negative ions, by emitting negative ions, it is decreasing the positive ions in the air. Positive ions reduce blood and oxygen supply to the brain thus causing irregular sleep patterns. Plus the air purifying capabilities, the lamp will help you get some much needed shut-eye.