Fall, aka the best foodie season, is in full swing. From apple cider donuts to hearty, warm soup, chillier months mean cozier food. However, if you're constantly late to your 8 a.m. class like me and can't spend half an hour to make a cozy dish, KIND's got you covered with some fun, fall-inspired snacks. 

Caramel Almond Pumpkin Spice Bars 

To kick off the list, I present you the most anticipated bar: the Caramel Almond Pumpkin Spice Bar. Unlike Pumpkin Spice Lattes, which are loaded with artificial flavors and added sugars, KIND's take on pumpkin spice is more natural. Hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom are pleasant, and they pair well with the crunchy cashews and almonds in the bar. Plus, the little drizzle of caramel sweetens the bar up.

Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt Bars

Packed with flavor, the Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt Bar is equal parts sweet, salty, and satisfying. Pecans are my favorite type of nut because they have a naturally buttery flavor, and paired with the maple, it's like your grandma's pecan pie in a bar form. The salt enhances all the flavor and balances them out, making this bar my favorite bar.

Almond Coconut Cashew Chai Bars

Chai is one of my favorite hot drinks. Not only is it perfect for those crisp fall days, but it's so versatile that you can enjoy it year-round and in other goodies. KIND's Almond Coconut Cashew Chai Bar has that great chai spiciness, along with the roasted almonds and flaky coconut pieces.

Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt Oat Bars

Looking for a breakfast substitute that you can stash in your backpack? KIND's Oat Bars might be what you need. They're chewier than your traditional granola bar, and more filling with the addition of superfoods like pumpkin seeds and peanut butter. The Maple Pumpkin Seed Bar is no exception. The pumpkin seeds add a great textural component, and the maple sweetens it up.

KIND, you continue to outdo yourself. These products are a dependable snack option that are always nutritious and delicious. Try out these new products if you haven't already today.