Flavored yogurt is loaded with sugar but tastes great. Plain yogurt is healthier but tastes terrible. What if you didn't have to sacrifice taste for nutrition? With these five pantry staples, you can be excited about putting plain yogurt in your grocery cart.

1. Vanilla Extract

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Kirsten Andersen

In my opinion, this is the best way to enhance your yogurt-eating experience. With just a few drops of vanilla extract, you'll think you're eating something sugary. Plus, there are other options if vanilla is too basic for you. Try almond or pistachio extract instead, or just make it a DIY experience.

2. Peanut Butter

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Izzi Clark

Adding peanut butter to your yogurt makes it rich, creamy and packed with protein. The healthy fats in nut butters will also help keep you full until the next meal comes around. If you need a low fat option, try PB2, and if you're feeling adventurous, check out these gourmet nut butters.

3. Jam

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Sarah Silbiger

Scoop it, swirl it, spread it and savor it. Just make sure the jam you choose is low in sugar or else your plain yogurt will taste a little too good. Another way to control the sugar is to whip up a batch. This chia jam has only three ingredients and takes no time at all.

4. Fruit

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Isabelle Langheim

Fruit is naturally sweet, so why not take advantage of it? If you really hate the plain yogurt taste, pick fruit that is extra juicy so it will conquer the entirety of the bowl.

PSA: frozen fruit works like a charm. This article will help you figure out which fruits are the least sugary. 

5. Granola

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Lauren Kaplan

Crunch your way to a tastier and healthier meal by adding granola (or cereal). Don't forget to at least attempt to decode the nutrition label to make sure your crunch factor isn't hiding something. A perk of making your own is the ability to customize it to your taste buds and health.