With the opening of the new and improved RecPlex, fitness classes have become all the rage on Fairfield's campus. There are so many classes to choose from that it can be difficult to figure out which ones are right for you. While it may seem intimidating to try a new class, you could be missing out on your new favorite type of exercise. IMleagues.com easily allows you to see all of the month's classes under the fitness tab. Before you graduate, make sure you at least try out one of these fitness classes at Fairfield University!

1. Ab Attack Classes

Who doesn't want super tight abs? This 30-minute class can easily fit into your schedule. It's not high intensity, so beginners have nothing to fear. Even though you may not be gasping for air, you'll definitely be breaking a sweat and have throbbing abs for a few days.

2. Zumba

Zumba is another class that is less intimidating to the beginner. Don't be fooled by stigmas, Zumba can be as hard of a workout as you make it. It's definitely not like doing the cotton eyed joe at a school dance. There are also many types of Zumba classes, such as Zumba Strong, which is barely dancing at all. The class incorporates burpees, squats, and many other tiring moves. There are so many other types of classes, just make sure to double check what type of class you're signing up for. 

3. Yoga

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Vendela Nordberg

Yoga may seem like it's only for the flexible, but in reality it helps with all realms of fitness. Not only is it relaxing, but it focuses on flexibility and strength training as well. It isn't for everyone, but it's definitely worth a try.

4. Bootcamps

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Kacie Saar

Want to really jumpstart your fitness journey? Try this sculpting class for a higher intensity workout with strength and cardio exercises.

5. Spin Class

Even thought it may be one of the most difficult classes of all, it is definitely the most rewarding. It's at least worth a try even if you're not a high-intensity kind of person. Never done spin before? When you leave, you feel much stronger than when you came in! Check out this article for a few tips if you are going to try spin for the first time!

No matter what class you decide to take, make sure to try them all. You may surprise yourself with what you end up enjoying!