By now, you may feel like you've tried every workout possible, from CrossFit to hot yoga, but still struggle to find that one thing that will turn your fitness quest into an actual lifestyle. It's not that you're lazy — because you're clearly trying, but something is obviously up. 

Instead of getting down on yourself, tap into your personality traits. Sometimes, the key to finding a workout routine that you'll want to stick with comes from knowing the kind of person you are. 

Personality Type: EXTROVERT

Workout: ZUMBA

For those of you who love group settings where you can express yourself and possibly bond with others, try going to a Zumba class. Zumba classes are mostly filled with outgoing people who find the energetic atmosphere to be inspiring. While you can definitely socialize with other Zumba-goers before and after class, just the idea that you're all dancing to the same moves will make you feel connected in a different way. 

*Bonus* Zumba was considered to be the best workout for your abs besides crunches...aka sign yourself up asap

Personality Type: INTROVERT


Whether you're shy and don't like the idea of exercising in a group setting or whether you're uncomfortable with the idea of exercising in general, the best workout for you could be to fly solo and do your own thing at home or in a private space. Sometimes if you're at the gym or at a class, the thought of the people around you staring at you is enough to throw you off your game. Instead, try some of these at-home workouts.

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Personality Type: REGIMENTED


Calling all people who actually enjoy to-do lists, routines, and schedules; joining a bootcamp class (like Barry's Bootcamp) could do wonders for you and your body. Bootcamps are designed to whoop you into your best shape while also pushing you and challenging you to your limits. This type of workout requires discipline and control — perfect for the regimented warriors out there.

Personality Type: COMPETITIVE


If you're someone who loves the smell of competition and also gets inspired by watching others achieve greatness around you, try joining the CrossFit family. You'll be surrounded by a core group of people who will challenge you to be your best, cheer you on, and teach you new things that you never thought your body could do. It mostly takes this certain personality type to really fit in thrive. 

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Personality Type: AMBITIOUS


When you're someone who can't take their minds off of their goals, sometimes, lifting heavy metal up and down at the gym is not going to cut it. Instead, try signing up and training for a marathon. Ambitious people are often focused and driven so that they can achieve success. That's why training for a marathon will give you the perfect amount of motivation to workout for something that matters. 

Personality Type: ENERGETIC


For the energizer bunnies out there, finding a workout that can keep up with you can be tricky. You may get bored on the treadmill or feel unsatisfied after a kickboxing class. If this is your struggle, try signing up for a Soul Cycle or Flywheel class. These classes force you to match your pace to the rhythm of the music and constantly change the intensity to kick your body into high gear. Trust me, you'll leave feeling better than ever.

Personality Type: IMPATIENT


If you're someone who is impatient and constantly bored with their workout routines, try signing up for a monthly membership with Class Pass. This kind of membership was basically made for people who get sick of going to the same workout classes.

Personality Type: ANXIOUS

Workout: YOGA

If anxiety runs deep within your personality, one of the best workouts that you can do is yoga. Whether it's CorePower (which is hot yoga) or just a regular yoga class that is taught at the rec center, yoga is known to help keep you calm, collected, and mindful of your body. Just to spell it out to you even more, here are three ways yoga teaches you to have a balanced life

Personality Type: LAID BACK

Workout: PILATES 

One of the best workouts that you can do if you're someone who is laid back is pilates. At its core, pilates is calming and relaxing and offers the perfect amount of a workout for someone who is laid back. You will feel pushed and challenged, but not to the point where it will make you feel out of your comfort zone.

Personality Type: DISTRACTED


Whether you're constantly distracted or just know that you tend to be a little absentminded, interval training could be the perfect workout for you. Interval training involves fluctuating from high intensity to low intensity. So, you can zone out for a hot sec during your low-intensity portions of the workout, and push yourself to focus during your high-intensity portions. 

Try to pinpoint your personality type and find what you really love. You may be someone who goes through phases where you find something you like and then realize that it's just a fad but don't be too quick to quit. Once you find that one thing, the workout becomes a lifestyle. Just remember, nothing will work unless you do.