With summertime fast approaching and little time in your busy schedule, you feel pressured to get that ideal body just in time for the perfect beach weather. Thank goodness there are several ways to achieve a more toned stomach. I know making time between work, tests, studying and well…life can be a real pain in the ass. These workouts are actually enjoyable and not only will work your abs, but will make you feel less stressed too.

1. Zumba


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I love taking Zumba classes because, even as a bad dancer, I can have fun and not be judged for it. You get to move your hips and throw your arms up like you just don’t care. When you attend these classes, you can work your whole body (not just your abs). Hey, if you don’t want to do Zumba, sign up for a dance class. Don’t forget to bring a friend.

2. Yoga


Photo courtesy of @_stephdietz on Instagram

Yoga is a great way to relax the mind while getting fit. I enjoy doing yoga before studying because it allows me to clear my mind of anything that could interfere with my studying. Plus, yoga allows you to ease into their poses without feeling rushed or under pressure. And all that slow tensing and releasing of muscles creates some seriously picture-perfect abs. Make sure you’re ready for your first class with these tips.

3. Pilates


Photo by Danny Schuleman

Please don’t get pilates confused with yoga. Yes, they’re both mat workouts, but they offer different benefits and different poses. Overall, pilates will help achieve a nice toned stomach. Poses like “the hundred” and the “roll-up” are just some of the poses done to work your core. It’s enjoyable and more of a challenge (in my opinion).

4. Any Other Type of Dance


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Just like Zumba, you can take a fun class that can be more of a partners thing. Some good ab dances are salsa, tango and bachata. All forms of dance can be great for your abs, just some work better than others. Just make sure you’re in it for the fun, not for the competition.