Unless you live under a rock, or a world without social media, you have probably heard of Australian fitness queen Kayla Itsines. Besides posting daily photos of her rock-hard tanned abs, she designed a 12-week Bikini Body Guide that actually works. Her method is simple.

Every week she has designed three 28-minute resistance training sessions targeting different areas of the body. She suggests accompanying these sessions with a few sessions of “LISS,” which includes 30-45 minutes of low resistance activity.

This can include anything from a walk in the park with girlfriends to a bike ride, or a high incline on the treadmill. Additionally, she suggests one “HIIT” training session each week, which includes 10-15 minutes of sprints with 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off.

This article shows why HIIT is so hot right now. The immense success of this affordable and downloadable guide led to a second guide, nutrition guides and various products. Kayla has truly created a fitness empire for the average woman (sorry guys, there is a female bias for her guides) and even has an app now.

You don’t have to waste time working out.

kayla itsines

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Between classes, clubs, sorority philanthropy events, that birthday dinner you just have to go to, college is so busy that it’s hard to find the time to work out. Kayla’s resistance training workouts are 28 minutes and the cardio sessions are all less than an hour. Even when you add in stretching, extra planks or that ever-so-necessary texting break, you’ll STILL be out of the gym in an hour or less.

You won’t be famished afterwards.

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Everyone knows you’re supposed to eat something after you exercise and many of us structure our workouts around our meals. However, exercises that leave you absolutely starving are not good for you. I can’t even count the amount of Barre Method-Soul Cycle double sessions that have left me eating everything in my kitchen. Kayla’s workouts won’t leave you hungry for more than a smoothie, some oatmeal, or a light salad.

You don’t need to shell out big bucks.

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Kayla’s programs are extremely affordable. BBG 1.0, 2.0 and the nutrition guides are each $69.97. That’s still less than two Soul Cycle classes!

You won’t get bored.

kayla itsines

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Kayla has designed 12-week rounds of her Bikini Body Guide with three unique resistance training sessions each week. Between BBG 1.0, BBG 2.0 and BBG 3.0 (only the app only), you won’t ever get bored. Not to mention, you have the freedom to choose what you want to do on the other days. 40-minute bike ride? Sure. Barrys’ Bootcamp? Go for it.

You can rest if you want.

Kayla places heavy emphasis on stretching and foam rolling and even suggests one rest and rehabilitation session each week. She also encourages laying down and taking pictures of your abs.

You have constant “fitspo” on Instagram.


Kayla’s Instagram not only has daily photos of her body, but also inspiring transformation photos from “BBG girls” around the nation. She even throws in some personal photos of her dogs and some acai bowls. Even if you’re not doing Kayla, throw her a follow.

You can download the app and work out anywhere.

I need a beach workout day ASAP !!! Soooo much fun ??☀️ www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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Working out has never been this easy. The app times all of your workouts for you, lets you take progress photos, and has guidance for what to eat every day. You can still do each workout on the day of your choice and you don’t even need equipment for many sessions. #SpoonTip: If you already bought BBG 1.0, you can download the app for 12 weeks for just $1. 

You can listen to her Spotify playlist.


#SweatWithKayla seems to always go along with the endless burpees, push-ups and tricep dips. Pretty good.

You can make easy meals.

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Most of Kayla’s meals are easy to make and easy to carry. We would all love to create acai bowls and homemade granola, but most of us usually do not have the time or supplies to do so in college. Examples of her meals include a banana smoothie, turkey roll ups with crackers or a chicken quinoa salad.

You can eat carbs and dairy.

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Kayla doesn’t say no to a little bread or a little cheese. She believes in everything in moderation.

You become part of a community.

Kayla’s workouts are extremely difficult. She includes some seriously difficult moves, such as tuck jumps, push-up burpees, and commandos. You will want to quit. You will sweat. You will be sore. And you definitely will never want to jump again after you do 30 jump squats in a row, twice. All of the hard work, however, allows you to join an incredible community. There have been BBG meet-ups around the world, from Germany to New York, some of which Kayla herself has joined. So, download here and get ready to sweat.