Protein cookies have been around for a while. We even have a writer who highlighted the Complete Protein cookies, lauding them as Quest Bars, but better. And that may have been true—until Quest came out with their own Quest Cookies.

That's right folks, the good people at Quest saw fit to expand the brand to include their own version of the sweet treat. Sorry for the late-to-the-game announcement, but that doesn't make the cookies any less exciting to read about.

The company is always trying to find new ways to branch out and improve their products, including constant tasting and implementing of innovative flavors and committing to a texture that's not too odd, which is saying something because, let's face it, most other protein bars are not the most appealing.

What are Quest cookies?

Quest cookies came out recently and are basically normal cookies, but with the benefit of being rich enough in protein that you can feel like you're indulging while also giving your body some much needed nutrition.

They're basically the same calories as normal cookies, so at least you're making those calories count.

Full disclosure, they did send me their cookies to sample, but I'm not one to lie about taste and I can tell you, these are pretty damn good.

Flavors and Taste

Ashley Steinberg

1. Oatmeal Raisin

I'm a huge fan of oatmeal cookies so my standards are pretty high. This was packed with flavor and super thick and chewy. It also had a bit of a crunch because of whatever oats/grains it has inside.

If you're more a fan of crispy cookies, you may want to steer clear, but as far as oatmeal cookies go, though it wasn't the best I've ever tasted, it was certainly good enough to bring me back to eat another.

Ashley Steinberg

2. Chocolate Chip

This was my favorite of the ones I sampled. To be fair, it didn't taste exactly like your typical out-of-the-oven or bakery chocolate chip cookie, but for a healthy option it was really good. It has its own rich and distinct flavor, incredibly chewy texture and is a great melding of salty-sweet.

3. Double Chocolate

As a self-proclaimed (and friend-endorsed) chocoholic, this was a winner too. It was a little bland in the chocolate cookie flavor, but the chocolate chips brought it all back together, making one deliciously chocolate-y bite.

4. Peanut Butter

Full disclosure, I'm allergic to peanuts, but the friends I asked to taste these said they were phenomenal. They honestly couldn't believe they were protein cookies. Chewy, nutty and sweet as any other peanut butter cookie.

If you're on a health kick or trying to get more protein into your diet, but just can't seem to tame your sweet tooth, these just may be the treat for you. They go for about $2.50 at GNC, which is what you'd pay for a bakery cookie. 

#spoontip As with any Quest product, a good 10-15 seconds in the microwave only makes these taste even better.