Stuck in an exercise rut and don't know what to do next? We've all been there: wanting to branch out a bit in our exercise routines but not knowing quite the direction to start in. Luckily, there are tons of great options both indoors and outdoors that will actually make you look forward to sweating. 

An important part of exercising is what you eat both before and after your workout, and energy bars can provide a healthy and quick option to get you the nutrients you need. So let your favorite energy bars guide you in the direction of your next workout: pick an energy bar, and learn which type of exercise you should do. 

Larabar: Hiking

This classic bar calls for a classic way to get out there and be outdoors. Larabars are made from just a few, healthy ingredients and will guarantee to make you feel great and ready to hike. There's nothing better than exploring the outdoors and having such healthy fuel to keep you motivated and energetic. 

Curate Bars: Yoga

The name says it all: this bar is perfect for yoga. While you're working on yourself inside and out with your yoga, you can pick up a bar that will help you do the same thing. With many of the flavors filled with delicious dark chocolate and nuts, these bars will make you feel good physically and mentally. 

Bobo's Oat Bars: Mountain Biking

With hearty oats and amazing flavors such as peanut butter and jelly, cranberry orange, and peach, Bobo's Oat Bars is the perfect bar to refuel after an intense workout.

Mountain biking is an intense but extremely rewarding workout, allowing you to cover a lot of distance and see a lot of sights, all while testing your balance on the bike. It can be challenging, but if you start out slow and have a Bobo's Oat Bar to recover it can be one great ride.

Lenny and Larry's The Complete Cookie: Rock Climbing

Though they may technically be a cookie, Lenny and Larry's The Complete Cookie is a must have after a workout. It can be especially delicious after rock climbing which can test pretty much every muscle in your body. If you need some protein after climb in the form of a birthday cake flavored cookie, look no further than The Complete Cookie.

Pure Organic Bar: Spinning

This bars are almost too good to be true: filled with protein, delicious flavors, and still organic. Spinning is the perfect exercise to try if you just can't get Pure's Fruit and Nut Bars out of your head. After all, what's better than biking in the comfortable indoors with great music and lights followed by a decadent bar filled with cherries and chocolate?

One great aspect of working out is getting to eat delicious energy bars afterwards. Especially if you're in the wilderness or on the go, bars can provide a quick but nourishing option to keep you on the go. So explore all of the exciting ways to get active, and even try out a new bar (or two) afterwards.