It can be hard to get motivated to work out. When it's cold outside, the couch is comfortable, and I've had a long day, the last thing I want to do is pump the iron. Luckily, I've found ways to stay motivated to unroll the yoga mat, lace up the running shoes, and dust off those weights with these eight easy tips and tricks. 

1. Mini-Challenges

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Carolyne Su

Giving yourself one big goal isn't the best idea. Instead, give yourself mini challenges (like doing a 15-minute ab workout or biking one mile). Setting small, realistic goals can give you a confidence boost and help you achieve something bigger. No one starts off running a marathon or lifting 200 lbs on their first day at the gym. 

2. Find a Workout Buddy

Working out with another person can get you super motivated. It adds a little competition or entertainment. Having another person around can also help keep you accountable for going to the gym. You and your workout buddy can motivate each other to stay healthy and happy.

3. Wear Cute Gym Clothes

What is the point of owning cute gym clothes if you don't put them to good use? Before you start working out, maybe buy yourself a cute top and/or leggings. This way you have a reason to go to the gym and get your money's worth. 

4. Find an Exercise You Like

If you don't like to run, then don't. You will never want to go the gym if you are unhappy with your workout. There isn't a need to torture yourself. Instead, keep trying new classes and routines to find what you like to do. Don't know where to start? Take this quiz to find the right workout for you based on your personality, 

5. Write Down How You Feel

It is no lie that most of the time after working out, you feel much better. You truly never regret a good workout. When I work out in the mornings, I am so much more awake and ready to tackle the day. Write down all of the thoughts you have after a workout. Those positive words can encourage you to keep going. Exercise is known to help your mental health. Once you get into the groove of working out, you will start to notice lower stress levels. 

6. Give Yourself Small Rewards

Make yourself a little treat after hitting the gym, such as these snack bites. You can even reward yourself with a whole milk latte or a glass of wine (later in the day). The reward doesn't need to be food-related, but it just needs to be something to get yourself off the couch. 

7. Put it in Your Schedule

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Jocelyn Hsu

Everyone is busy in college, so it is no wonder that most people claim they have no time to workout. However, if you write it down in your schedule in big bold letters, you have no excuses.

8. Make It Fun

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Kelsey Coughlin

No one is going to want to work out if it isn't fun. Make it fun by changing up your workout, listening to a pumping playlist, or being social with the people around you. Do whatever makes working out fun. Just remember that if you are miserable while exercising, you're doing it wrong. 

#SpoonTip: Working out isn't bad for you, but there is such a thing as taking it too far. Make sure that you listen to your body. Rest or change up your routine if you feel tired or something starts to hurt.

Stay motivated, happy, and healthy with these simple tips. However you decide to work out, make sure that it gets done.  Be sure to make it fun, and take the "work" out of working out.