Being a college student has its challenges. It's your first swing at building your own schedule and figuring out how to spend your time outside of class. With so much time at your dispense, it can sometimes be overwhelming to figure out when to study, when to eat, and when to nap. But what time did you schedule your workout for? Your workout is not only just as important as these other activities but it's also a crucial component to your college experience. Let me tell you why working out in college is essential.

1. It's not just physical

There is nothing like the feeling after a good workout. Our bodies feel a little stronger and our minds a little sharper. Not to mention, we tend to feel happier. That's because working out does not just render physical change, but mental change as well. Next time you're feeling overwhelmed with work, break a sweat.

2. It helps you sleep better

As a college student, you will take as much sleep as you can get. Working out can actually help you sleep better. Sometimes a little workout before bed can use up the extra energy we have stored. As college students, working out is essential to getting those needed z's. 

3. It can wake you up

Getting your blood flowing is a great way to up your energy and mood throughout the day. On less active days you may notice yourself feeling less motivated and more tired than usual. An easy fix to feeling a little sluggish is to get up and move. Working out is a simple way to wake you up and can even help you get on track for all the studying you probably saved for later that day.

4. It sets the tone for your day

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Abby Reisinger

Fitting in a morning workout can help you make mindful decisions about food and staying active. Especially as a college student eating in a dining hall, this one makes turning down the curly fries that much easier.

5. Counteract the Freshman 15

If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, look no further than the gym. In college it's not unusual to end the night with fried fast food. However, working out is a great way to help combat the calories after those nights when you allow yourself to indulge.

6. It can help you study

Yes way. Exercising can help you maintain focus. Even if you feel like you're wasting precious study time working out, chances are you're doing yourself some good. Working out can also be a good study break when you just can't read another sentence.

It is important to note that working out does not translate to hours at the gym per say. Even 15 minutes of getting your heart rate up can do wonders. Next time you think you don't have time or you're too tired to get moving, remember how essential working out is and how it affects all aspects of you— not just your body.