It's the start of another semester and while you might not initially feel the vibe to be back on campus or start new classes, plan on making this semester you're best one yet. While your goals may fallen short last semester, this semester is your time to shine. To be your best and improve here are 9 Ways to Make your semester the best one you've had yet.

1. Setting up a regular sleeping schedule for the week

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Alex Frank

While you have the weekends off, it's important to establish a sleep schedule as the number of hours of sleep you get a night are a key factor for academic success. 

What you can do: If your school has add/drop week, you can adjust classes and your coursework load to balance hours between classes. Additionally try avoiding certain food and drinks to get the sleep you need or trying alternative bedtime habits.  

2. Cutting out caffeine and sugar 

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Jocelyn Hsu

While it's extremely tempting to use caffeine or a sweet treat to deal with the morning blues, eliminating caffeine and unhealthy doses of sugar in your diet can lead to better academic performance

What you can do: Instead of taking caffeine or consuming a large amount of caffeine, you can change your sleeping habits to get a great night's rest, eat foods that are high and long lasting in energy or try a healthier alternative drink

3. Exercising your mind, brain and body. 

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Alex Frank

Exercising has a plethora of benefits. Whether it's walking from building to building for your next class or stopping at the gym for a little bit, doing these small tasks will help you feel better and do better in school. 

What you can do: If you haven't been to the gym yet, take some time out of your schedule and visit the gym. Start the new year and the new semester on the right foot. In addition, make sure to exercise your mind with meditation that can help you better focus on the tasks you need to complete. 

4. Incorporating Healthy Eating Habits

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Nancy Gao

With the heavy and time consuming workload, healthy eating can be a challenge. With healthy eating habits, you can prevent getting cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.  

What you can do: Instead of grabbing unhealthy foods, substitute them with salads, yogurt, fruit and lean protein at your dining hall. If you're grocery shopping aim for getting a fresh selection of different colors of fruits and vegetables. 

5. Implement better studying habits

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Alex Frank

With tests, quizzes, papers and group projects in the near future its important to learn effective studying habits that will teach you to retain and master academic material to be a superstar in your class.

What you can do: Many colleges and universities offer help with academic related issues with tutors, writing centers, etc. Use these many resources and give yourself time between work and social activities to be successful. 

6. Taking Risks

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David Zambuto

It's another chapter of your college life there is a sea of many possibilities with many different choices of internships, clubs, social events, classes, etc. Perhaps it's finally your chance to take that fly fishing class you've always wanted to take or that your beginning to learn a new language. Taking risks can lead to learning something about yourself that you didn't know before. 

What you can do: Sign up for that class you've always wanted to take if you have room on your schedule, try out some clubs that you haven't tried before, you never know what will happen. 

7. Start Planning Ahead for the Future

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Amy Cho

While it's the start of the semester soon enough it will be winter or summer break therefore it's important that you begin planning ahead for the next path in your life. 

What you can do: You can start applying for internships and jobs, begin planning your study abroad plans and applications or if you're on the verge of graduating begin your job hunt.