Eating certain foods at night not only gives you discomfort, it can also give you nightmares. What are normally considered comfort foods such as ice cream or chocolate actually have reverse effects and can cause disrupted sleep.

Studies have been around for hundreds of years that suggest that their is a negative effect between foods at a certain hour and nightmares. A study in Canada polled about 400 college students about their late-night food habit and dreams for two weeks. Many of these dreams were bizarre and scary. Between greasy, salty and flaming hot food, here is list of foods that you should avoid before bed.

1. Chips

Chips may not have sugar or caffeine, but they are greasy and will factor in to having disturbing dreams. According to Eat This Not That, 12.5% of scary dreams occur from eating "greasy junk food", such as chips. Instead, munch on carrot sticks, nuts or pretzels.

2. Hot Cocoa 

I know what you're thinking, Hot Cocoa is the ultimate way to fall asleep. It's perfect for those frigid winter nights where pj's and SVU marathon's are a must. The amount of sugar and dairy in hot cocoa however can bring about bad dreams. If you want a warm drink before bed, try caffeine-free tea without sugar.

3. Salad Dressing 

Salad dressing? Really? Yes, condiments such as ketchup and salad dressing have more sugar in it than you think. The sugar amounts can keep you up at night and prevent you from getting a deep sleep. So next time you want to indulge in that Chicken Caesar Salad, you might want to consider the dressing and how much you are using. 

4. Chocolate

Yes, dark chocolate in moderation is good for you (Keyword: Moderation). According to The New York Times, Chocolate contains high levels of caffeine which can prevent you from getting a good nights sleep and can lead to crazy nightmares. If you want to indulge, do it earlier or if it's a must after dinner, scale back the portion sizes. 

5. Hot Sauce

Hot and spicy foods such as hot sauce can alter the body's temperature which changes dream formations. According to Eat This, Not That, spicy foods changes the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. Now we all know from 7th grade health that REM is crucial to catching good Z's. 

6. Soda 

Soda is bad for you regardless of the time of day you consume it. Loaded with empty calories, potentially dangerous dyes high levels of caffeine and sugar, soda is definitely not recommended before bed. Soda is a major contributor to not being able to sleep. Instead, try a nice glass of cold water, your body will gladly thank you. 

7. Bacon

The smell of bacon is mouth-watering at any time of the day. Bacon is not just used for breakfast, it can be used in baking, mac n' cheese, on burgers, etc. However, downing strips of bacon before bed can cause discomfort while sleeping. Bacon contains tyramine, a substance that is found naturally in certain foods, including bacon. It can cause migraines which will keep you up at night. 

8. Milk & Cookies

Between the dairy, the chocolate and the sugar, milk and cookies are one of the worst things you can eat before bed. Dairy, especially late at night can cause an upset stomach as your body does not have the proper amount of time to break it down before bed. Even if you are not lactose-intolerant or sensitive, most people cannot down a glass of milk without getting a queasy feeling. Chocolate contains caffeine and along with the sugar in the cookies, it will keep you up.If you want milk and cookies, try eating them during the day so your body can settle before heading to sleep. Or, try cottage cheese for a healthy alternative.

9. Sugary Cereals

Lucky Charms & Fruit Loops are just some of the best cereals on the market. The serving size for Lucky Charms is 3/4 of a cup which has 11g of sugar while Fruit Loops is 1 cup and has 13g of sugar. Realistically, no one actually eats the recommended serving, we usually eat about double that amount. Eating high sugar foods before bed will create a spike in your blood sugar and cause it to crash. This will create insomnia and prevent you from sleeping well. Instead, try a healthier cereal such as Kashi and opt for skim milk.

If you want to eat before bed, foods such as kiwi, cherries, bananas, almonds, poultry, & cottage cheese. They are healthier and will not cause discomfort or nightmares.