It’s 11 am and you haven’t had your morning coffee yet. Your palms are sweaty, your knees weak, arms are heavy  you’re either Eminem or you’re feeling the beginnings of a pounding caffeine headache and you realize you’re in need of a steaming latté or sugary iced mocha.

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Or maybe you’ve had your daily cup(s) of coffee and your heart is pounding and your rapid, crazed speech is on point because of good ol’ caffeine. Sound familiar?

Perhaps it’s time to wean yourself off that daily caffeine overdose and find some healthy alternatives to power through your 8 am classes and 4 hour labs.

Here are some options that will energize you without sending you into a caffeine frenzy:


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Although not as appealing as a cappuccino, a big ol’ glass of H²O first thing in the morning sets you up for a great day. You’ll rehydrate your body, which is parched from your sleep sesh.

Your glass of water will even jumpstart your brain tissue, which is 75% water, combatting fatigue and mood swings. More good news: You won’t be snoozing through statistics or snapping at your roommate.

And if you want to be even healthier, squeeze some lemons into your morning water to balance your pH levels.



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Ah, coffee’s watery, less satisfying counterpart: Tea. Don’t write off tea just yet, though. If prepared properly, tea can be just as delectable and can even give you a mini caffeine fix without the crash.

Next time, try a spiced chai tea, which comes in flavors like Pumpkin Spice and French Vanilla, or consult this tea guide to see what type of tea would be best for your ailment.

#SpoonTip: To capitalize on the health benefits, add milk and honey for a creamy treat or drink classic green tea with a squeeze of lemon.


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For those adventurous folks, try Kombucha as your new coffee supplement. Kombucha is a fermented beverage in the tea family. As weird as it may sound, I can assure you that this sweet, bubbly drink will not let you down.

Hot Apple Cider


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On those fall and winter mornings when you need a drink to warm you up, what’s better than a hot apple cider? You’ll get antioxidants from the apples and an immune boost from cinnamon, along with the satisfying warmth and sweetness that a White Chocolate Mocha would bring. You can even turn your cider into a cocktail here.



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If you’re really trying to fool yourself into believing you’ve got a latte in your hand, try Teecino, an herbal coffee.

Made from herbs, nuts, fruits, and grains, it brews like normal coffee and has the same irresistible roasted flavor. You’ll get an energy boost from nutrients like potassium and fiber without the high acidity and caffeine content of coffee.

If you wanna conquer your day, try these drinks in the morning. But hey, there’s no shame in going back to that occasional cup of joe.