If you're anything like me, you like to live by the motto, "Namast'ay in bed."  Unfortunately, not all exercise can be done from the comfort of your own bed.  However, in this day and age, they make exercise classes that are (almost) as interesting as watching Netflix in bed.  There are nontraditional yoga classes as strange as your favorite television shows.

So, put down the computer and grab a yoga mat. Taking a nontraditional yoga class will keep your mind and body healthy. Plus, you may actually have a little bit of fun. There are endless possibilities of classes to try. In fact, someone will probably invent a yoga class from bed one day. I mean there is a gym that already offers a napping class.   

1. Goat Yoga

Downward-facing dog, more like downward-facing goat.  Goat yoga, started in Oregon, is spreading across the country. It's so popular because, well, what's more relaxing than animals and yoga? Nothing. The goats provide a calming environment as they interact with the participants.  Hopefully, you don't get too distracted by the goats.  I just hope they're potty trained. 

2. Paddle-board Yoga

Paddle-board yoga: because balancing wasn't hard enough already.  Yoga classes on water will strengthen your core and legs. You'll be using muscles you didn't even know you had. And, if you fall in the water a few times, at least you're staying cool.  

3. Aerial Yoga

I can't promise that you're going to look graceful in the air, but I can guarantee that you'll  feel like you're floating in the clouds. After you master inverting in the fabric, you can even take aerial ballet yoga.  

4. Bikram Yoga

Why pay to go on a Caribbean vacation when you can do Bikram yoga in a room that's just as hot?  This nontraditional yoga class brings hot yoga to a whole new level.  It increases blood circulation and reduces stress.  If sweating is your thing, Bikram yoga is most-definitely for you.  

5. Beer Yoga

Cracking open a cold one with the boys just got a little bit healthier.  If drinking a beer or two helps you relax, then beer yoga will certainly help loosen you up a bit.  If you want to make your experience even healthier, opt for a lower calorie beer

6. Karaoke Yoga

Singing while doing yoga is just as silly as some of the poses themselves.  Karaoke yoga lets people connect with each other while they do yoga.  You can even find yourself a partner for a duet.  In all seriousness, though, only way you might be able to get me (and my awful voice) to take a karaoke yoga class is if Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are performing Start of Something New.

7. Metal Yoga

When I think of relaxation, let's just say heavy metal music isn't the first thing that comes to mind. The closest thing to rock I listened to as a kid was Fall Out Boy.  But, this one is for the people that say, "It's not a phase mom." Metal yoga will unleash your inner darkness and introduce you to new music. 

Go crazy, try all of these nontraditional yoga classes and more, no matter your skill level.  Just remember, whatever yoga you do, always #NamaSlay.