With summer officially here, we can welcome the long days of swimming in the pool, taking in the rays and sipping on sweet drinks. But no pool day is complete without some inflatable accessories.

Sure, the big swan float is a hit, but that’s so last summer. These sweet inflatables are almost as good as the real thing. Plus, there’s no question that food-inspired pool floats look way better than the classic pool noodle.

Here are 13 food-inspired pool floats you should be sure to pick up before your next poolside BBQ:

1. Pizza

Food-inspired pool floats

Photo by Torey Walsh

Can I have a pizza that? Just because you’re trying to get that summer bod doesn’t mean you can’t jump in the pool with a slice of pizza… or on one. Added bonus? There’s a drink holder so you can have a drink while floatin’ around.

#SpoonTip: Get 8 slices together and make a whole inflatable pie.

Get your pizza float here.

2. Watermelon

Food-inspired pool floats

Photo courtesy of juicywardrobe.com

Few things say summer like a wedge of watermelon. No BBQ is complete without some good ole’ watermelon (real or inflatable). Unfortunately, they don’t come in a seedless version.

Get your watermelon float here.

3. Pretzel

Food-inspired pool floats

Photo courtesy of lalafauxbois.com

Crispy and salty, this pretzel float is big enough for the whole family. All we need is a bottle of mustard or ketchup to go along with it.

Get your pretzel float here.

4. Ice Pop

Food-inspired pool floats

Photo by Torey Walsh

Here’s one way to have a real ice cream party in your backyard every day. You’ll cool off easily with this ice pop. Plus, it’s perfectly patriotic for a July 4th BBQ.

Get your ice pop float here.

5. Root Beer Float

Food-inspired pool floats

Photo courtesy of wayfair.com

It doesn’t get more classic than a root beer float. Lounge on your float while drinking one too and lemme tell ya, you’ll be living the dream.

Get your root beer float float here.

6. Candy

Food-inspired pool floats

Photo by Torey Walsh

Thank god someone decided to turn the ultimate movie candy into the ultimate pool float. Whether you’re craving pure sugar or chocolate, these floats will instantly satisfy your cravings (while not destroying your summer bod).

Get your choice of a SmartiesDots, Junior Mints or Tootsie Roll float.

7. Ice Cream Sandwich

Food-inspired pool floats

Photo courtesy of shop.anglodutchpoolsandtoys.com

Nothing is worse than an ice cream sandwich that melts from the hot summer heat. Luckily, you can keep cool in the pool without having to worry about sticky ice cream hands with this one.

Get your ice cream sandwich float here.

8. Donut

Food-inspired pool floats

Photo by Torey Walsh

Donut worry, you’ll be happy lounging in one of these on a hot summer day. Plus, the bright pink frosting is quite photogenic for a perfect summer day Insta. If you’re picky about your frosting flavor, have no worries, there’s an inflatable chocolate frosted donut too.

Get your donut float here.

9. Everything Bagel

Food-inspired pool floats

Photo courtesy of jet.com

This pool float is everything. Take a dip in the pool with your favorite carb-loaded snack. I mean who doesn’t love bagels? No one.

Get your everything bagel float here.

10. Fruit Slice

Food-inspired pool floats

Photo courtesy of thepoolhousesc.com

While it may not be boosting your vitamin C, your vitamin D will sure be rising while you’re basking in the sun. Have a favorite citrus fruit? Take your pick from an inflatable slice of lemon, lime or orange.

Get your lemon, lime and orange float’s here.

11. Gumball Machine

Food-inspired pool floats

Photo courtesy of bigmouthinc.com

You’ll be like a kid in a candy shop with this gumball machine-inspired float. This is a real upgrade from the classic pool tube that every pool in the USA seems to have.

Get your gumball machine float here.

12. Pineapple

Food-inspired pool floats

Photo courtesy of modcloth.com

Just as fresh pineapple is a summer essential, so is this float. Get yo tan on while floating around on a perfectly ripe pineapple. Could life get any better than that?

Get your pineapple float here.

13. Gummy Bear

Food-inspired pool floats

Photo courtesy of target.com

The perfect candy to satisfy a sugar craving in anyone, this giant gummy bear will make you feel like a kid again. Have a sweet summer with your pick of a red or green gummy bear float (and snack on some boozy gummy bears for an even better summer day experience).

Get your gummy bear float here.