Once you try CorePower Yoga, good luck stopping. With studios spread across the country, people everywhere are becoming empowered from the awesome, heated classes, instructors and atmosphere CPY offers. If you live in one of these cities and like to workout, consider yourself blessed. 

(Not saying CPY will make you look like J. Lo, but also not saying it won't.)

Usually I am a little skeptical of chain workout studios, especially when it comes to yoga. However, CorePower has proven me wrong. Here are 6 compelling reasons why CorePower Yoga is the best workout, and why you should try it too.

1. Accepting of All

For starters, don't stop reading if you've never even once downward dogged. CPY accepts everyone, no matter your experience level or current state of fitness. Every class has different options regarding how far and hard you can go. And, although they motivate you to keep going, they always encourage taking a set off when you need it. 

2. Cardio and Strength (and Still Yoga)

CorePower's most popular class, Yoga Sculpt, is basically half yoga, half bootcamp, if you can imagine that. There is a cardio portion worked into the already energetic flow as well as plenty of strengthening poses. Oh, and you do the whole class with weights in your hand. But don't worry, always optional. 

3. Full Body Burn

As you can probably guess from the previous point, there is not a body part this class doesn't get to. You truly will be sore in places you didn't know you could be. Incorporating so many types of workout into a 60 or 75 minute class is awesome and super efficient, especially since technically it is still yoga and there's great stretching too. When done regularly, you really do become perfectly yoga ~sculpted~. Could this be Julianne Hough's secret?

4. The Jams

Opposed to the normal calming instrumental music and natural noises I associate with a traditional yoga practice, CPY knows how to jam. The upbeat remixes are perfect for getting you into the mood to grind. When they play "Drop It Like It's Hot" when you're on your hundredth squat, it's pretty hard to stop. If you groove with the soothing music, no worries. During stretching and Shavasana, they know how to cool down your practice.

5. The Instructors

This is obviously something that could vary between studios, but everyone I've had as an instructor has been A1. Not only are they super proactive in adjusting your posture, they give detailed instructions for each variation of each pose. They also encourage improvising and making your practice your own, which I think is vital. My favorite part is during Shavasana -- I swear I immediately go into a meditative state when my teacher comes over to adjust my head and shoulders with essential oils. 

6. The Sweat

Don't think you can skip the towel CPY recommends you bring. Most of the classes are heated and humidified for an unique experience that's more challenging and feels awesome. If this scares you a little, that's okay, there are still a range of options. But c'mon, I couldn't claim this was the best workout ever if I didn't always leave soaked in sweat. 

7. The Aftermath Feeling 

There's nothing like the feeling following a class at CorePower. Not only are you feeling good that you completed a killer work out, but you still get the energizing and restorative effects of your usual yoga practice. Even beyond that, because of the people around me I always leave in a better mood and less stressed than when I started. 

If you haven't tried CorePower Yoga yet, I challenge you to give a shot. The first week of classes is free, so there truly is nothing to lose.