Working out luckily never felt like a chore for me. Coming from a family of athletes, I grew up surrounded by sports and fitness. I always knew the importance of treating your body right, because you only get one. However, there came a point where I became obsessed with every calorie I put into my body. A few weeks I went vegan, the next few months I was Gluten-Free, the next paleo. My life became a cycle of restrictive diets and obsession to obtain the so called "perfect" body. It wasn't until I found my passion for spin, that I broke this cycle and learned to embrace body positivity.

I was able to let go of all my inner struggles and anxiety about my body image, and leave it all on that bike. 

Sounds cliché, but I will never forget my first spin class. (You know...before it was "cool" and "trendy" to spin.) At around 15 years old, I was extremely confident as I was a three sport athlete and the youngest rider at Equinox. I thought "how hard could this be?" I felt an instant connection to the blasting, head-bumping music and the intensity when I walked in. The room was dark, everyone was focused.

Intimidated at first, I clipped my spin shoes in and warmed up. As an athlete, this was the kind of workout I was looking for off the field. I always looked at my workouts as a place to escape. This was the first time I felt everything, and nothing at the same time. It was just me and the bike, no teammates or plays.The 45 minutes are a mix of emotions, it is a kind of high I can't put into words. The sweat that came along with spin became my therapy and helped me put an end to my disordered eating.

I found myself getting stronger after each ride, not only physically but mentally. 

When SoulCycle opened in my hometown, Roslyn, it was a match made in heaven. Fun fact, I was one of the first riders EVER at SoulCycle Roslyn back in 2011. After becoming a part of the SoulCycle's so called "cult", I knew I wanted to make spinning more than just a hobby. I started spinning all the time, I wanted to find that euphoric feeling I felt when I took my first class. I started looking at food as a source to fuel my body, instead of worrying about how many calories I ate in a day. I began to embrace my body, since my job is to help others embrace their own. You have to love yourself, before you can love anything else.

The sweat dripping off people's bodies and the look on their faces as they overcome their physical and mental battles, is why I LOVE my job.

I take pride in my unique teaching style. I love to create a party-like environment (you can expect a lot of hip-hop and EDM), so when you hear a song on my playlist, you want to break free and experience that moment of freedom. Having people come to my classes and be inspired by my words is something that is truly rewarding. No matter what my mood may be that day, the moment I walk into the spin room, I speak from my soul. I become my real, authentic self. I want my riders to vibe with my music (yes, my crazy dance moves included) and focus on taking something inspiring from my class to apply to the rest of their day. I am their coach, their motivator. If you come to my class, I can guarantee that I will push you past your limits both physically, and mentally. Most of all, you'll walk out happy and proud of yourself! 

We only get one life, so be weird, be fun, be authentic, and most importantly LOVE YOUR BODY!