I feel like I just memorized my schedule, yet midterms are here already *insert hyperventilation.*  Cue papers, Micro and Calculus exams on the same day, and a presentation — all while still going to class. No big deal. It's fine.

I usually find that at this point of year I am surviving solely off of quotes and coffee, as my Pinterest board will show. Quotes get me through difficult or stressful times, especially midterms. It helps to remind me that we aren't alone in the struggle and that many spectacular people have had rough times too. The power of words should never be underestimated; motivational and empowering quotes can be invaluable when you are stressed, tired, and ready to quit. 

Here are some quotes that assist me to get through the chaos that is life, I hope they can provide some relief to you as well. 


Don't doubt yourself or your abilities. Keep a positive attitude, work for the A, and kick that test in the a**.


Wise words from the honey-loving old bear himself.


Don't take yourself too seriously. Grades aren't everything. Take a break. Watch some Netflix go out to eat with friends Eat. Run. Have a drink when the work is done.


Sometimes we get lost in the everyday, you loose sight of exactly why you are working this hard. What are you working for? What is your goal in life? Keep these in mind and it will give ou an energy boost.


The 10-page paper you're stressing over doesn't matter in the big scheme of things. You probably won't even remember what this paper was about a few years from now so don't stress.  


Humor always helps.


Be a Dory in a Marlin world. Just go with the flow.


Stop hoping the gods above will give you an A or that Sheldon Cooper will take your Physics exam for you. Pack some snacks, put on some lipstick, grab a coffee and hit the library.


Stop to take a break occasionally. I don't mean scrolling through Instagram or swiping right on Tinder. I'm talking about getting up from the desk to go take a walk, meditate, or sit on the quad and enjoy nature to clear your mind.


Add a little light to campus. Everyone is stressed to the max and a little smile can truly brighten someone's day. And yours.   


Grades come out and you didn't do as well as you wanted? Or you didn't study as much as you should have?  Take a breath, and enjoy your break. You still have half of the semester to bring your grades up.

I hope these empowering quotes have motivated you to study and you now feel like you are can take on the world. Share with your friend that is starting to stress out right now.