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A Day in the Life of an Editorial Intern at Spoon HQ

It's basically work, Starbucks, Soul, repeat.

Hey, what's up, hello. It ain't Fetty Wap, but I'm pretty much cooler than the legendary rapper (which you can see with this super awkward intro). I'm the editorial intern at Spoon University HQ this summer, and I'm here to tell you a bit about me and what I do at HQ.

Here's everything you need to know about my #Summer2k17 if you've found me or my job to be engaging and/or awkwardly endearing. 

Saving You the Insta Stalk

beer, wine, tea
Sydney te Wildt

I'm a rising sophomore at Georgetown University studying American Studies and Economics. I'm from outside of Boston, listen to more political podcasts than I care to count, and have traveled across state lines multiple times to see Justin Bieber. My favorite foods are açaí bowls and anything at Starbucks, I have a food Instagram (@foodie_in_recovery), and I'm obsessed with SoulCycle (I know, I'm basic). 

This summer, I'm interning at Spoon University in the editorial department and am absolutely loving it (don't worry, no one is paying me to say this). I'm here to give you all the deets on what it's like to intern for Spoon. 

What Drew Me To Spoon

I started writing for Spoon University in the fall of my freshman year, and I fell in love with the editorial process. Spoon has provided me an incredible opportunity to write about things I care about (i.e. food), develop my writing skills, find my own voice, and express my ~feels~.

I am in recovery from anorexia, and Spoon has provided me the opportunity to discuss my journey. Nothing makes me happier than receiving messages from readers about how my writing has influenced their own recovery, and I really owe it to Spoon. 

I love Spoon, and my desire to get involved in Spoon in any way possible led me to this internship. I'm pretty sure that I got this position out of pure pestering (I still apologize to Sam at HQ for how many Slacks I sent her throughout the spring about interning) and a crazy mac and cheese bath, but it was 100% worth it. 

Werk, Werk, Werk

coffee, beer
Alex Frank

The fast-paced nature makes it so exciting to come into work every day, and I know that I will always be working on something different. When I first arrive to the office in the morning, I update the main website to reflect all the new content that is being produced (and get very distracted reading all the new pieces, SOS). I make my first (of many) Starbucks runs of the day, and I am proud to say that I have taught half the office how to mobile order at Starbucks. 

Returning with a dry cappuccino in hand and just a few caffeine jitters, I start working on my timely articles for the day. Usually, I write 1-2 new articles a day that keep y'all up-to-date on all the latest food news. Most of them are about Starbucks.

I'd describe the internship as contributing to Spoon on steroids because I write a LOT. Beyond writing, my work includes producing new article pitches, editing new and previously published pieces, and producing content for the weekly Food Network Snapchat story. Basically, my job is pretty freakin' cool. 

Hands Down The Best Internship Ever

Okay, so just gonna start by saying that the free food is the #majorkey of this internship. I tried the trendy AF Magnum Bar, had legit NYC bagels, ate Ample Hills ice cream, and truly snacked like a queen all summer. 

It's also been amazing to have someone other than my mother read my articles. No shade to mama, but there is nothing more amazing than seeing my piece on Teen Vogue. Also, my mac and cheese bath was featured on the Food Network Snapchat story, and I got to relive the shame of that tub and received many concerned DMs.

I've loved getting to know all the members of Spoon HQ and really feeling like I'm a part of the community here. I had my 21st birthday while I was interning here, and my coworkers from the social and editorial team were so amazing to go for a SoulCycle birthday ride for me. I don't know where else could you find a group of people that will sweat for you #goals.

My NYC Summer

Outside the office, I have spent a lot of time eating avocado toast at Bluestone Lane and Butcher's Daughter, riding at SoulCycle with Charlee (she's flawless, I swear), and exploring all the art museums so that I can feel cultured. Basically, it's been the best summer of my life. 

The ~Feels~

Ellie Conley

Spoon University has not been my first internship. I previously interned at both the US House of Representatives and US Senate (as I said, I am a political nerd), and it's certainly been a very different experience for me. Neither of my previous internships were the coffee-filled horror stories you've heard so much about, but I didn't have nearly as much responsibility as I have at Spoon.

I really feel like I'm a member of the editorial team at Spoon (shoutout to the best team at Spoon!), and I've never had so much fun in a working environment. I can honestly say that I'm excited to head into the office every day, and I get emotional thinking about leaving in a few days. 

I'm so excited to bring everything that I've learned back to Spoon University's Georgetown Chapter next semester as the Managing Editor and Social Media Director. Don't be afraid to slide into those DMs on @foodie_in_recovery if you have any questions, and catch me on sidebar at SoulCycle.