After years of resisting, I have quickly become a cult follower of SoulCycle. I go twice a week and I considered making my online dating profile bio, "just looking for someone to ride with," until I realized... maybe not. Throughout the past semester, I frequented Chris Pepe's 7 am classes at SoulCycle Georgetown — close to class and even closer to a post-game acai bowl from South Block. But now that I'm interning in NYC for the summer, I have to find a new instructor. To save you all the research that I had to do, here are the best SoulCycle instructors in every city. 

New York City (18 studios): 


Stacey is a force of nature as a Senior Master Instructor. Her motto is "No one remembers normal," and I can promise you two things: 1) Stacey ain't normal and 2) you will remember her class. 


Good luck getting a class with Laurie, a founding SoulCycle instructor. Vanity Fair hails her for her daily "one-woman show," and Hillary Clinton can be counted among her devotees. 


Akin attracts a group of devoted and passionate followers who call themselves "Akin's Army." Even celebs attend his classes — the flawless Karlie Kloss considers Akin her "unsung hero" of fitness.


Charlee is my personal favorite in NYC. Her classes combine sprints, hills, and a weights section that doesn't let you rest. Expect to be doing tap-backs with weights with Charlee, but your toned butt will thank you later. 

Southern California (13 studios): 


David Zint is a legend at SoCal Soul and he is a huge advocate of "bro-cycling." He has been featured on Good Morning America and sees the class as both a physical and mental release. 

Northern California (8 studios):

Chris Pepe

I may be biased as Pepe began my Soul obsession, but he is truly a god on the bike. He does the perfect mix of hills and sprints, and with an upbeat playlist full of trending pop music, his class deserves the "Pepe Party" title.

The Hamptons (4 studios):

Many of the instructors in the Hamptons are OG NYC instructors that follow their fit fan base to the beach for a summer of fun. Don't worry — you'll probably catch pack-favorites Laurie and Stacey there. 

Many of the instructors in the Hamptons are OG NYC instructors that follow their fit fan base to the beach for a summer of fun. Don't worry — you'll probably catch pack-favorites Laurie and Stacey there. 

Connecticut (2 studios): 


Everyone on Yelp agrees, Elle is the creme de la creme of CT Soul. Reviewers describe her as "BY FAR the best," "a badass bitch ... [that] could literally kick anyone's ass including John Cena." Also, her music is classic bubblegum pop with a bunch of Britney and J-Biebs, which I love. 

New Jersey (1 studio): 


Beginning her SoulCycle career as a rider needing a break from the corporate world, Kaley eventually transitioned to a full-time instructor. Expect to sprint throughout Kaley's class and dance to some of the best music of all time (think: Taylor, Kanye, and Ellie Goulding). 

Long Island (2 studios): 

Matt Miller

According to my Soul obsessed friend, Matt Miller is the best because he is "HARD AS SHIT." The class will feel fresh and different because Miller switches up the usual class structure — instead of starting in third for the first song, some classes begin with an in-saddle sprint. 

Westchester (3 studios): 


If you can get up for a 6 am, first, congrats on being a better human than I am, and second, go to Taye's class immediately. With a background in dance, Taye focuses mainly on sick beats and rhythm. Self Magazine also published a feature on her Instagram, and I love her Insta because it truly exudes motivation. 

Massachusetts (5 studios): 


I have never felt so happy to be on the bike as I have Liah's class. She has a background in yoga and barre, so expect a lot of intricate moves on the bike and an intense end-of-class-stretch. Her classes feature cool pop music with some ~hip vibes~. 

DMV Area (5 studios): 

Sunny Mae

When I was informed that Chris Pepe was leaving DC Soul to teach in California, I was inconsolable. I think I cried for about 2 hours before realizing I needed to book a "goodbye class." I never thought that I could find a new DC fave until I went to Sunny Mae's class. She is incredibly enthusiastic and does a bunch of tap-back push-ups, which I absolutely hate in the moment, but later love the results. 

Florida (2 studios): 


Before hopping on the bike full time, Aubrey worked as a professional dancer based in NYC. Her classes combine dance, tap-backs, and Miley's new song "Malibu" for instant workout goals. 

Chicago (4 studios):


Be warned that Devin loves a good sprint, so your heart is going to be pulsating throughout this class. But, because of these sprints, you can also expect a killer workout that's kept fun with a bunch of fast and upbeat music. 

Pennsylvania (2 studios):

Nick Turk

According to Yelpers, Nick's class "is the most challenging [in Philly,] but he's also the most caring," so even new riders will feel comfortable and welcomed to the pack. 

Texas (6 studios): 


coffee, beer, tea
Sydney te Wildt

If you're looking for an intense workout, Austin is where it's at. His classes emphasize hills and tap-backs, and he puts a special focus on form (which is surprisingly super uncommon for most instructors). 

Pacific Northwest (1 studio): 


Hailing from the Virgin Islands, Earl adds a special Caribbean flair to each of his classes. His playlists have extreme rap and hip-hop vibes, and a lot of his class focuses on self-acceptance. 

Toronto (1 studio): 


Originally an NYC instructor, Ty has brought his talents to Toronto for the brand new studio, along with some sass and a lot of booty pops. Get ready for a dance party in the saddle with Ty.

No matter where you ride, you now know some of the most inspiring instructors that keep us logging in right at noon on Mondays. Keep on tapping it back and turning it up with your new favorites. 

#SpoonTip: this list is by no means exhaustive, and many of the instructors that are not listed are still phenomenal. The riding experience is super individual, these are just some of the fan favorites from each city.