7 Brew is a newer name in the coffee-chain industry, but in my area of the Midwest, they are popping up all over. This drive-thru-only coffee shop first opened up in 2017, and its goal is to cultivate kindness while delivering speedy service. In my town, the first location opened with a giant “Free Drinks” sign out front and t-shirt giveaways to celebrate their grand openings, and their line was so long that it caused a bit of a traffic buildup.

But as I waited for the craziness to die down, almost everyone I talked to who had gone said their experience was great, the staff was energetic and friendly, and most of all, they loved their drink. This last week I finally got to try it myself, and I was floored by the amount of options such a tiny location was able to offer (over 30 different syrups and sauces). The menu is so customizable that it’s hard to try it all, but here are some of my favorite items that I tried and some others on the menu that are on my next-to-try list.

Iced Funnel Cake Macchiato 

This beverage is the “hottest pick of the month” menu item, so, of course, I had to give it a try during my visit. Nothing screams summer indulgence like funnel cake, but this macchiato wasn’t too sweet and the flavor paired well with the espresso. Made with vanilla, salted caramel, white chocolate syrups, and whole milk (or your milk of choice), then swirled to mix in the milk, syrup, and ice before topping off with their signature espresso and caramel drizzle.

German Chocolate-Coconut Caramel Mocha

While I tend to stay away from hot coffee beverages in the summer, the German Chocolate drink was a sweet and rich beverage that reminded me of my favorite Girl Scout cookie. This was the first drink I tried with its mocha sauce, and I thought it paired well with the espresso blend. I also recommend swapping your milk to coconut milk for this one to amp up the coconut flavor a bit more, but overall I think this item is worth trying.

Iced Lavender Lemonade

An easy way to cool down in the summer is with a large glass of ice-cold lemonade, and 7 Brew has got you covered with its line of lemonade drinks. You can choose any of the syrups to add for yourself, but I went with the lavender and it was everything I look for in a summer beverage. The floral lavender flavor and the sweetness of the lemonade were exactly what I needed on the 90+ degree day, and I love that the lavender syrup is available year-round instead of just seasonally like some other chains.

Hula 7 Fizz with Cream

This pineapple and strawberry creation is another summer featured beverage, and it’s giving big Starbucks Pink Drink vibes but with the citrus twist of the pineapple. 7 Brew’s Fizz drinks are made with sparkling water infused with your flavor of choice, but the pairing of pineapple and strawberry are perfect for summer, especially topped off with a bit of coconut milk. I personally love the pastel palette of the summer drinks as well, because of course we want our drinks to look and taste good.

Nightshade Energy Drink

Another colorful energy drink to try is the Nightshade Energy Drink. Made from 7 Brew’s own energy drink, blue raspberry, lavender, and pomegranate syrup, you can enjoy this beverage on the rocks or as a chiller blended with ice. This pretty purple energy drink did the trick to refresh and energize me through the rest of my day, and I highly recommend this one if you need the energy but aren’t in the mood for coffee. 

Golden Pear Black Tea

7 Brew also has an impressive line-up of teas this summer that are also extremely easy to customize to help you find your perfect summer tea. The Golden Pear black tea is made with their black iced tea and then watermelon and kiwi syrup flavors. I was not sure that the combination of those flavors would equal what I imagine a pear tastes like, but I was pleasantly surprised and I ended up really enjoying this one and think it’s definitely worth trying. 

Snickerdoodle Iced Chai

One of my favorites on this list is the Iced Snickerdoodle Chai. I’m always looking for a good chai beverage so I was excited to try 7 Brews, and it did not disappoint. Without trying the chai on its own first, I was still able to taste the herbal notes in the drink that kept the drink from being overly sweet. To make this menu item, 7 Brew adds vanilla and brown sugar cinnamon, two flavors that paired beautifully with the chai and I had to stop myself from finishing it too quickly. 

Pixie Stick Energy Chiller

Another fan favorite is the Pixie Stick Energy Chiller, which features almond, orange, and pomegranate flavors blended with its energy drink and ice. I was worried that the almond and orange flavors would taste a bit off paired with an energy drink, but once again, 7 Brew is on point with their flavor science and it was amazing. When first presented to me, it had the look of a tequila sunrise with the vibrant layers of red and orange. Even though it was on the sweeter side, which should be no surprise from its name, I would still have this one again.