Walk through the Quad or look around a morning class and you’ll see it: a new coffee cup among the Starbucks, City Pork and CC’s. 7 Brew Drive Thru Coffee is the newest coffee chain to open a location in Baton Rouge, and it’s bringing energy to students’ mornings in more forms than caffeine. 

Jillian Elliott

According to its website, 7 Brew focuses on fast service and personal connections with customers in addition to serving quality coffee at 57 locations across the country.

Bennett Sellers, a public relations representative for 7 Brew, said, “Our goal is to treat people like people and make sure we are spreading positivity with each cup that is served.”

When I first visited 7 Brew – the first of many visits since their opening – I was taken aback by the atmosphere of the drive-thru. Music was blaring, and all of the employees were dancing. I gave my order to an employee with a tablet early in the line like I would on a busy day at Chick-fil-a. Within five minutes, I had a conversation about starting the semester with the cashier, watched the baristas' coffee-bar dance party and drove away, iced latte in hand.

7 Brew says that they have over 20,000 flavor combinations. “The Seven Originals” are a selection of flavored coffees, including Cinnamon Roll and German Chocolate flavored, that are served iced, hot or as a chiller, which is a frozen blended coffee. 7 Brew also serves other staples like teas, lattes and cappuccinos, as well as an energy drink.

To keep my comparison fair, I ordered my go-to at any well-stocked coffee shop: an iced sugar-free brown sugar cinnamon latte with oat milk. Complicated? Maybe, but 7 Brew’s menu is large enough to accommodate lengthy orders. To me, it stood up to any other drive-through coffee shop in Baton Rouge.

If you’re a coffee connoisseur looking for a coffee spot with a calming vibe and locally roasted coffee, there are plenty of places for you in Baton Rouge, and this may not be it. But if you’re like me and looking for somewhere quick, with lots of options and tasty, give it a try.

A 15-minute drive away from the Student Union, 7 Brew on Essen Lane is not far from LSU’s campus, but it’s also not on the route of most students’ morning commute. While there have been rumors circulating of a 7 Brew location opening closer to campus, Sellers said, “We do not currently have information to provide regarding future Louisiana locations.”

There may be no public plans to open a closer location to campus yet, but students can expect to see more locations around the Baton Rouge area.

“Expansion in the Baton Rouge area and bringing this hospitality-first experience to customers is a focus of the brand in 2023 and beyond,” Seller said. “Providing a truly unique take on the drive-thru drinks experience.”

7 Brew Drive Thru Coffee’s Baton Rouge location is located at 5117 Essen Lane. You can follow 7 Brew at @7BrewCoffee on Instagram and TikTok for updates about future locations.