As the bunny prepares to make his rounds handing out Easter baskets everywhere, it’s the perfect time to consider what holiday treats he may leave. While the options span from sickeningly sweet Peeps to pastel-colored Nerds Ropes, there’s one type of candy that stands out above the rest: the chocolate egg. While we anxiously await the annual his hoppity arrival, let’s rank the top five chocolate Easter eggs that may make their way into baskets this season.

5. Milk Chocolate Wrapped Eggs

Photo by Tim Gouw

It’s undeniable that a classic milk chocolate egg is among the most desirable of Easter treats. Individually wrapped in rainbow foils, these little morsels are hard to put down, but they’re also being compared to their more complex counterparts. As delicious as these simple, creamy sweets may be, compared to the other options that run the chocolate Easter egg gamut, they’re just that — simple. If you’re a chocolate egg traditionalist and prefer your treats without the fillings, we respect it. But we still implore you to explore some of the other options on this list — you won’t regret it.

4. Cadbury Creme Egg

If an egg is so beloved it drives a man to steal an entire truck full of them, it must be good. The cherished treats we know today were created in 1963, and were originally known as “Fry’s Creme Eggs.” Their “How do you eat yours?” campaign, which followed shortly after their name change to the title we know today, launched the eggs to new heights. And while we appreciate the history, these eggs’ best quality is also their biggest flaw. The sweetness of the egg-colored innards of this candy can be overwhelming after just one — not to mention that the oozing, sugary creme tends to be a hassle during the eating process. 

3. Russell Stover Marshmallow Egg

A typical find on the Easter candy shelves, these marshmallow-filled, chocolate-coated confections are a holiday twist on a classic candy combo. Stemming from a small family business that began in the Stover family’s Denver bungalow in 1923, these treats are the perfect pairing of a soft and gooey center and a crackly outer coating. A candy with such a wholesome history and such a beloved flavor profile is impossible not to love. If Forrest Gump can appreciate the magic of Russell Stover chocolate, you can too.

2. Reese’s Egg

Of the iconic shapes and versions of Reese’s signature peanut butter cups, the egg is the oldest, having been introduced in 1967. The long-loved combo of peanut butter and chocolate is hard to top. This marvelous mix is only improved by the limited-edition shape, as some seasonal Reese’s can weigh up to 14 grams more than the traditional versions. The slight salty bite of the peanut butter perfectly complements the smooth chocolate coating, and the improved holiday ratio makes this a perfect addition to any Easter basket.

1. Cadbury Mini Eggs

The creme de la creme — or rather, the Cadbury de la Cadbury, because we all know Cadbury is the best you can get. After all, Queen Victoria did give the company a royal warrant, meaning that they were her chocolate company of choice in 1854. Since then, they have remained a staple of not only the chocolate industry, but also an entire holiday. Compared to their creme-filled complements, these pastel-colored eggs cannot be beaten when it comes to their crunchy candy-coating. Whether you pop just a few between holiday festivities or eat the whole carton right away, these small sweets are absolutely irresistible.

Whether you like your eggs filled with marshmallow, peanut butter, or nothing at all, we hope you find at least one of these in your basket this bunny season.