Easter is right around the corner and if you're scrambling to try to find goodies for baskets, you can't go wrong with chocolate and sweets. I've gathered some of my favorite festive Easter goodies that you need to try this season from classic chocolate eggs to pastel marshmallows, there's an option for everyone. 

1. Hershey's Build-A-Bunny


Decorating Easter eggs is fun, but building your own bunny out of chocolate is even better. Hershey's milk chocolate Build-A-Bunny is the perfect Easter basket treat and is an interactive way to get into the holiday spirit. Find this cute bunny treat in stores nationwide for a limited time. 

2. Reese's Mallow-Top Peanut Butter Cups


For the peanut butter lovers out there, Reese's Mallow-Top Peanut Butter Cups combine the brands signature chocolate and peanut butter dup with a marshmallow flavored creme on top. These are definitely the perfect addition to those Reese's eggs and bunnies. 

3. Bake Me A Wish's Mini Easter Basket

Bake Me A Wish!

Bake Me A Wish! offers a wide range of sweet Easter treats to fill those baskets this April. From festive cookies and cupcakes to vibrant spring brownies, BMAW has you covered this holiday season. The Easter basket pictured above comes with six spring brownies (lemon, raspberry and chocolate) and three frosted cookies. (Plus, there's overnight shipping!)

4. Dash Bunny Waffle Maker


Wake up on Easter morning to cute Easter bunny waffles with this mini-waffle maker. Available in pastel pink and blue, Dash's bunny mini-waffle maker is a quick and easy way to celebrate the holiday while enjoying a meal with loved ones. 

Pro tip: Looking for a way to boil those eggs to decorate? Dash's Rapid Egg Cooker is a quick and easy way to do that! Yes, only two minutes!

5. Stuffed Puffs Pastel Marshmallows

Stuffed Puffs

Not a fan of hiding Easter eggs? Not to worry. Stuffed Puffs has pastel chocolate-filled marshmallows to do just the trick. Not only do they make great basket stuffers, but the individually wrapped marshmallows are perfect for those Easter egg hunts. Available in pink, blue and yellow, the brands festive marshmallows are available for a limited-time at stores nationwide. 

6. Ferrero's Easter Candy


You can never go wrong with Ferrero, especially for Easter. Crunch, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Joy, Butterfinger, Fannie May and Nutella are some of the brands that have adorable bunny and egg treats with themed packaging to celebrate the occasion. From caramel to peanut butter, Ferrero has it all. 

7. Jelly Belly's Tangerine "Baby Carrot" Bag

Jelly Belly

Plan on leaving carrots out for the Easter bunny? Jelly Belly's Tangerine "Baby Carrot" Bag will have him fooled. Shaped like a carrot, this package is filled with delicious jelly beans that bring the flavors of the season straight to your taste buds. 

8. Godiva's Flower Tin of Assorted and Cube Truffles


For the chocoholics, Easter is one of those days to much on delicious chocolate like these assorted truffles from Godiva. Available in a vibrant flower-shaped tin, chocolate lovers can get find this on Godiva.com. 

9. Mother's Springtime Circus Animal Cookies


Remember animal crackers? Mother's Springtime Circus Animal Cookies boast the sweet nostalgic flavor in festive colors and spring shapes. These frosted cookies are a tasty addition to those Easter goodies and treats. 

11. BRACH'S Rainbow Sparkle Jelly Bird Eggs


Light up the season with these shiny and shimmery rainbow sparkle jelly bird eggs from BRACH'S. Available in cherry, orange, lemon, lime, blue raspberry and grape, these colorful jelly beans make good cupcake and cookie toppings. 

12. BRACH'S Jelly Bean Chocolate Mix


BRACH'S Jelly Bean Chocolate Mix combines jelly beans and chocolate together to create a sweet and savory combination to fill those Easter baskets. The pack contains cherry, raspberry and strawberry jelly beans dipped in real milk chocolate for a delicious treat. 

13. JOJO's Chocolate 

JOJO’s Chocolate

Looking for healthier alternatives to sugary Easter treats? JOJO's Chocolate is made from premium dark chocolate and contains only half the amount of sugar compared to a traditional candy bar. Flavors include Original, Peanut Butter Delight, Raspberry Dream and Goes Hawaiian.

14. Behave Gummy Bears


Craving chewy candy without all of the calories and sugar? Behave's signature sweet and sour gummy bears contain only 1g sugar, 4g net carb, 80 calories and 6g of protein per serving. Everyone can celebrate Easter this year with these gummy bears while decreasing sugar intake. 

16. YumEarth


Everyone should be able to celebrate Easter regardless of one's dietary restrictions and allergies. YumEarth makes sweet treats more accessible since it's organic and free of the top 8 allergens, high fructose corn syrup and artificial dyes. Get your hands on the brands festive Gummy Fruits and Chewy Candy Bites. 

17. Vosges


There's nothing better than chocolate eggs for Easter, well, except for chocolate peanut butter eggs. This 5-piece pack from Vosges is made with 45% cacao deep milk chocolate, a dash of savory and the crunch of pink Himalayan and Maldon salts to create the ultimate sweet and savory treat. 

18. Little GF Chefs Easter Watercolor Cookie Kit

Get creative this Easter with this Easter Watercolor Kit from Little GF Chefs. Make sugar cookies, cookie icing, and multi-color plant-based food safe paints to decorate this spring. The kit comes with three cookie cutters, including egg, bunny and carrot shapes as well as a cookie paint brush.

19. Black Tap's Carrot Cake Shake

Black Tap

Starting on April 1 through the end of the month, fans can get their hands on this Carrot Cake Shake from Black Tap Soho. The shake is made with carrot cake batter and cream cheese frosting to create the ultimate Easter treat. If chocolate isn't for you, then definitely try this.