Reusable water bottles have spawned throughout the years with the message of not frequently using plastic bottles. People would bring them to the gym, classrooms, offices, lunch tables, libraries, and even coffee shops. In college, people pass them out at tablings during school events as marketing freebies (i.e. pens, shirts, mugs). Over time, people have a water bottle they’re more akin to or have grown a preference for (emotional support water bottles for the win). So, here is a list of my favorite water bottles.

Elvira Motivational Water Bottle (with a time marker), $17.99

As an owner of this water bottle, this is my favorite. It serves as a physical reminder and encourager to reach goals, whether it’s for working out or drinking more water. Retail stores and online stores, like Amazon, sell motivational water bottles with multiple color options and text fonts to choose from. 

Brimma Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, $14.99

My fascination with fruit-infused water started in middle school. I’d put slices of strawberries, lemon, limes, and oranges in a bottle for maximum hydration and a vitamin C boost. This durable bottle can do the job better without causing the fear of choking on a piece of fruit.

30 and 40 oz. Stanley Cup with Lid and Straw, Price Varies

The Stanley Cup is the descendant of the Hydro Flask and Yeti. Aesthetic looks and large mass aside, it can fit in a car’s cup holder and can hold hot and cold beverages. Just don’t flip it upside down…by any means. The prices depend on its size, this 30 oz. Quencher goes for $35. 

Rose Marble Bottle from S’well, $35

S’well is one of the trendiest water bottles for a reason. Not only are the color and designs eye-catching, but it’s the perfect size to fit in a handbag, a backpack, and a car’s cup holder. It can also hold cold and hot beverages. 

Nalgene Wide-Mouth Bottles, $16.99

I never sought to buy this bottle because of how wide the opening is and how the Nalgene compares to other models (I'm also scared of spilling a waterfall every time I tilt the bottle for a sip). But at the same time, I admire its shape and the convenience of the handle.