I love water. Who doesn’t? Well, in reality, some people probably hate it. But who can’t live without it? Water in general is a necessity, but certain things around it have become a commodity. I’m talking about water bottles, people.

With the advent of increased awareness about sustainability and the reality that many plastic water bottles end up in landfills, reusable water bottles have become a trend. Plastic, stainless steel, glass–all sorts of water bottles. What is so interesting is how quickly these trends change, though. All of a sudden, something that is a necessity becomes a commodity.

First it was Siggs–stainless steel water bottles with cool designs. Then Nalgenes had a brief phase, before a slight BPA scare. Then the Bobble came into play–a cheap water bottle with a filter. They were simple and colorful. Now we see Camelbaks, S’Wells, and Tervis tumblers.

Every water bottle has its own personality, and that reflects on the person sporting it. What yours says is a reflection of statement, style, and trendiness.

S’well — The Diva


Photo courtesy of @swellbottle on Instagram

You need your water to be extremely cold at all times, and you like to stand out (meaning, having a “wooden” water bottle). Also, you decided to spend $40 on a water bottle. You’re on top of trends, and will probably buy a new water bottle when the next one comes out.

Camelbak — The Lazy One


Photo courtesy of @camelbak on Instagram

You’re lazy. Well, let’s rephrase. You like convenience–and straws. Not having to tip this back to sip on your beverage means you can drink in bed, while on a run, driving, without spilling all over yourself. You also are probably into cleaning, because getting the mold out of these is a hassle.

Bobble — The Germaphobe


Photo courtesy of @bobblelove on Instagram

You are probably a germaphobe. Or you’re just smart than I am for having a filter on your water bottle. Either way, you’re doing something right.

Blender Bottle — The Gym Rat


Photo courtesy of @blenderbottle on Instagram

When you’re not drinking a protein shake, you somehow manage to put water in this. Which is kind of disgusting. But you’re a fitness junkie and have miraculously managed to get over the taste of protein powder.

Vapur — The Minimalist


Photo courtesy of @vapur on Instagram

You either camp and need to keep possessions to a minimum, or you just found this cool (like myself). Either way, you’re a minimalist.

Klean Kanteen — The Researcher


Photo courtesy of @kleankanteen on Instagram

You know what’s good for you–meaning this was ranked the best bottle by several websites. You like to put ice in your water, because the mouth of this bottle is on the larger side. You also like alliteration. A lot.

Nalgene — The Camel


Photo courtesy of @nalgeneusa on Instagram

You are a freaking camel–you need to drink a gallon of water an hour, and you don’t care who knows. That being said, you’re really good at drinking and not spilling (unlike myself). Props to you.

bkr — The Fashionista


Photo courtesy of @mybkr on Instagram

You are not klutzy, so it doesn’t scare you that you carry around a glass water bottle. Seriously impressive. You also religiously follow celebrities and what sorts of water bottles they carry, and have a good fashion sense.

Sigg — The Antiquarian


Photo courtesy of @sigg_finland on Instagram

You’re stuck in 2010. Sorry, but Siggs went out of style a long time ago. Their new stainless steel counterparts have larger mouths, are more durable, and brightly colored. Get with the program.

Tervis Tumbler — The Prepster


Photo courtesy of @tervis on Instagram

You’re preppy as hell and probably have a lot of pride for your hometown/sports team/sorority or whatever else you’re sporting on that bottle. You also love drinking out of straws. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Contigo — The Innovator


Photo courtesy of @pinchofmartini on Instagram

You like gadgets–meaning the cool button you press on this one to drink. But you’re also paranoid, and really like that this one won’t leak all over your computer, books, and phone. I don’t blame you–it’s a real fear.

A plastic water bottle — The Ambivalent One


Photo courtesy of @polandspringwtr on Instagram

You probably think sustainability is just a buzzword and global warming is a trend. You don’t care that much about the environment, and would rather just conveniently grab a disposable water bottle than refill yours. Or you’re just always in a rush. Either way, buy a reusable water bottle!

Regardless of what your water bottle says about you, they are a trend and they’re here to stay. Water bottles as a trend are just another example of how Americans buy into consumerism and fads more quickly than anything. Look forward to smartphone compatible water bottles in the near future. Sustainability is a real thing, and global warming is happening. Do your part in helping it slow down and buy one of these water bottles. Help your planet, and happy Earth day!