The holidays are here, and so is eggnog. According to the National Library of Medicine, eggnog first originated in British medieval times as a drink called “posset,” a blend of liquor, spices, and curdled milk. Nowadays, some dislike it due to its thick texture or particular flavor, but that is also why so many love this seasonal beverage. This controversial yet beloved winter treat can be enjoyed spiked or simple and sweet. While there are lots of spectacular homemade recipes, there’s also nothing wrong with a bottle from your local grocery store to top off the perfect holiday meal. After combing through Reddit, Google, and Amazon alike, here are the 10 best store-bought eggnog brands, according to the internet.

1. Turkey Hill Eggnog, $6.29

Photo via Turkey Hill

Now this is what I think of when I think of eggnog. It’s known for its not-too-thin, not-too-thick consistency, and butterscotch flavor.

2. Southern Comfort Traditional, $3.59

PHoto via Southern Comfort

This un-boozy bottle is deliciously decadent with a splash of Southern Comfort. One Google reviewer summed it up perfectly: “Best ‘Christmas Drink’ ever.”

3. Almond Breeze Almondmilk-nog, $3.00

Photo via Almond Breeze

Lactose intolerant? Don’t worry,. You can still enjoy some nog this holiday season! It has a thick consistency with a sweet flavor.

4. Oberweis Eggnog, $9.99

Photo via Oberweis

The internet LOVES Oberweis Eggnog. Holly H on Google reviews said, “If you like eggnog then you have to try Oberweis eggnog.” You can add liquor or keep it plain or even add it to a milkshake.

5. Publix Eggnog, $4.75

Photo via Publix

Creamy, super sweet, and not too pricey?! This eggnog is hard to beat. One Reddit superfan said, “Hands down the best....EVER!!!” Its thick and frothy texture makes it taste homemade.

6. 1836 Farms Organic Dr. Nog, $8.30

Photo via 1836 Farms

According to the blog Camille Styles, the best eggnog is 1836 Farms Organic Dr. Nog: “A more regional and seasonal flavor from 1836 Farms, this was my personal favorite eggnog. The texture was nicely thick without being overwhelming. It didn’t taste artificial in any way.” It’s a little on the pricey side, but let’s be honest. You are only splashing out on ‘nog once a year.

7. Sassy Cow Eggnog, $6.00

Photo via Sassy Cow Creamery

Sassy Cow can be described as a Midwest delicacy with a nutmeg forward flavor. Abraham Williams had one qualm: “There is little to complain about other than it’s all gone because you wolfed it down.”

8. Kalona Supernatural, $6.79

Photo via Kalona

One Reddit commenter said, “The best in stores, if you can find it, is Kalona Supernatural.” This eggnog is fresh and organic, with notes of nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon that complements the cream and custard mixture.

9. Kemps' Eggnog Ice Cream, $6.29

Photo via Kemps

Okay, yes — this technically is not eggnog, but it is too good not to include in this list. It combines the creaminess of ice cream with the spices of eggnog. If you’re somewhere where the weather is warm this holiday season, this may be the perfect dessert for you.

10. PC's The World's Best Eggnog, $3.99

Photo via PC

It’s hard to argue with something called the world’s best eggnog, but the name does live up to the hype. President’s Choice Eggnog is made with nutmeg and rum, so even if you drink it in April you will be magically transported back to Christmas.