One of the most popular holiday drinks is eggnog. I went on an adventure to three cities, 13 stores in three days collecting all the vegan nog I could find. The main goal? To find vegan nog, all of it.

sweet, tea, chocolate, cinnamon, milk
Rhyan Geiger

The adventure was a success! Well, kind of. Of the stores, Califia Holiday Pure Eggnog was sold out EVERYWHERE, literally everywhere. Personally, I love this brand so I'm assuming the eggnog is probably just as good if not better. Apparently everyone else around here must agree too. After tasting four special vegan nogs, here is my ranking from worst to best.

4. Silk Almond Nog $2.79

chocolate, sweet, milk
Rhyan Geiger

By far not the best vegan eggnog. It doesn't resemble traditional eggnog. It's more of a thicker flavored almond milk that feels weird in your mouth. Not tasty! It contains 45 calories per 1/2 cup. I would not try this kind again. 

3. SO Delicious $3.99

tea, cream, cappuccino, chocolate, espresso, milk, coffee
Rhyan Geiger

A coconut milk holiday nog. The consistency is more similar to water than to milk. Tasting this nog it is much like regular eggnog, but there is a weirdly strong aftertaste of coconut. It had a nice flavors minus the coconut. It contains 90 calories per 1/2 cup.

2. Silk Original Nog $2.59

tea, cream, sweet, chocolate, milk
Rhyan Geiger

It highly resembles eggnog. I liked this one a lot the only thing "bad" was the soy aftertaste.

1. Almond Breeze $3.49

Rhyan Geiger

This nog is vanilla colored with an almond milk base. It has nice flavor but it's not too overwhelming. It gives a super smooth feeling in your mouth with no weird flavors after. For sure my favorite!  

Who knew there were so many options for vegan eggnog? The holidays can be much easier on everyone. Let vegans celebrate with the non-vegans.