Eggnog is a traditional holiday drink that you either love or seriously hate. Some people choose to drink their eggnog straight, while some people feel a need to spike it. To help avoid any arguments as to what you should spike eggnog with, I'm here to tell you what the best alcohol for eggnog is.

What Is Eggnog?

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Besides it being a popular holiday drink, eggnog is essentially the result of the British combining eggs, heavy cream, milk, sugar, and a variety of spices and liquors together. If this doesn't sound appealing to you, think of it as a thinner custard with some booze mixed in. Sounds pretty good now, doesn't it? And besides, you probably won't even have to deal with the taste of it if you do decide to move forth with spiking it.

People usually enjoy eggnog during the holidays, particularly during the Christmas season. Some people try avoiding it like it's the plague, while others will go out of their way to either make or buy it on a daily basis.

The Best Alcohol for Eggnog

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When it comes to spiking eggnog, people either stick with rum or whiskey—if you're somewhat of a savage, you'd spike eggnog with both rum and whiskey. Anything is possible, so don't shy away from spiked eggnog combinations that deviate from the norm.

While there isn't a specific brand or type of alcohol that's deemed as the overall best alcohol for eggnog, there are a few kinds of alcohol that are much better than others for this type of situation. For instance, you could use some bourbon if you really wanted to do so, or Schnapps, spiced rum, or cognac.

Eggnog Recipes

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If you're someone who prefers making things at home as an alternative to purchasing mediocre items from the supermarket, try one of these delicious eggnog recipes. Any of these eggnog-inspired recipes will do the trick, as will these eggnog truffles, or this classic eggnog recipe

#SpoonTip: If you're vegan and have to pass on the eggnog, you can always use Trader Joe's vegan eggnog as a substitute for regular eggnog. 

Although there isn't a single best alcohol for eggnog, most people agree that rum or whiskey complements eggnog's flavor the best. It seems frustrating, I know, but take this into consideration: regardless of which alcohol you end up spiking your eggnog with, you won't be making a wrong decision.