We’ve all heard about putting a slice of lemon under your armpit and drinking a gallon of pickle juice to ward off the infamous hangover monster. It was my favorite fairy tale growing up. However, when you’re in college or working your first adult job, the best you can do to fend off alcohol-induced misery is pick up some fast food during your morning commute. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the best fast food hangover cures from the most popular chain restaurants. Because if they don’t cure the hangover, they will certainly make it more tolerable.

How to choose your fast food hangover cures

You’ll want to look for meal options with good fats like olive and avocado. That said, the closest you’ll get at most fast food restaurants to healthy fats is through cheese and meat options. On top of that, given the sensitivity of a stomach under-the-influence of alcohol, stay away from spicier menu options (some people swear by spice for hangovers, so try at your own risk).

For hydration, if you can get some fruit in, that’s a tasty way to trick your body into getting some fluids. However, stay away from drinks with added sugar and completely avoid caffeine (it’s a diuretic).

McDonald’s Egg McMuffin

Photo via McDonald's

It’s the ultimate breakfast sandwich: slice of yellow cheese, slab of greasy meat, suspiciously circular egg, and a buttery English muffin.

Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme

Photo via Taco Bell

Taco Bell is perfect for late night drunk food and the next morning hangover. The crunchwrap has meat, cheese, and a few veggies.

Dunkin’ Sausage, Egg & Cheese

Photo via Dunkin'

This one isn’t too different from the McDonald’s version, but the extra bread from the croissant will help soak up any questionable choices from last night.

KFC’s Chicken Sandwich

Photo via KFC

A crispy, juicy piece of chicken with pickles and mayo all on a brioche bun are all your headache needs to disappear after a few bites.

Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap

Photo via Wendy's

If you want to stay away from the fried and greasy (I’m not sure why), go to Wendy’s and get a grilled chicken ranch wrap. It’s the lightest option for fast food hangover cures, but still meaty enough to make you feel better.