Erewhon has quickly become one of the most well-known cafes around the world, attracting anyone who is visiting California to grab a quick bite. The market is known for its aesthetic atmosphere, insane prices, to-go foods, and smoothies, some even crafted by celebrities. Everyone from Bella Hadid to Marianna Hewitt to Hailey Bieber has a smoothie they crafted on the menu. After seeing tons of vlogs and reviews on my TikTok, I rounded up the internet's favorite Erewhon smoothies and some you may not want to order.  

Hailey Bieber’s Strawberry Glaze, $18

This is the smoothie of my dreams: pink, creamy, and delicious. It’s got berries, sea moss, coconut crème, hyaluronic acid, dates, and a housemade strawberry glaze. This drink seems to have customers’ hearts the most. I have seen only positive reviews on it. The only complaint is the price (an argument that could be made for any of these smoothies). It is so stunning, you almost don’t want to drink it. It makes for the picture-perfect Instagram. Whether you are team Selena or team Hailey, this smoothie is a fan favorite, and one of Erewhon’s most popular items on their menu. 

Coconut Cloud, $18

Another fan fav is influencer Marianna Hewitt’s Coconut Cloud smoothie. KTLA reported that more than 1,000 customers ordered Marianna’s blue smoothie within the first week of the drink launching at the Beverly Hills location. Like Bieber’s smoothie, it is stunning and delectable. Filled with lots of proteins and fruits, this one definitely will keep you full and energized for a while. It has blue majik in it, creating the vibrant blue color. Similar to the strawberry glaze smoothie, this one features vanilla collagen and almond milk, making for a creamy treat. Many people have tried recreating this drink at home, and that’s definitely a good way to save some money.

The Goddess, $19

The Goddess is first on the menu, and a smoothie that many make the mistake, some might argue, of ordering when going to Erewhon for the first time. The smoothie sounds captivating. It features pumpkin seed oil, almond milk, and spirulina. What could go wrong with this healthy green smoothie? Well, people ordering it seem to all say that it tastes too earthy. They expect some sweetness and get nothing. As popular as this drink is, the reviews definitely don’t match up. However, people looking to get a healthy smoothie that will boost their energy found this to be a favorite of theirs. 

Activated Smoothie, $19

The Activated Smoothie is a coffee-inspired smoothie. It has cold brew, coconut meat, and lots of cacao powder in it, making a caffeinated powerhouse. People say the coffee flavor doesn’t take over the drink too much, but offers a nice touch. Coffee lovers are definitely going to go for this one. This mix of invigorating ingredients is a favorite for anyone who needs a lot of energy.

Matchacado Smoothie, $17

The most affordable smoothie of these five is this matcha smoothie, coming in at the low price of $17. It is just like its name: matcha and avocado. There are a few extra key ingredients in there, like banana and pine pollen, but the main notes are of avo and matcha. Like before, people say this smoothie is really creamy and thick, but has an earthy and bitter taste. People have said it is not super sweet, since it is really only sweetened by the banana and some honey, but it has a rich and tasty matcha flavor. I definitely want to give this one a try, as I have been on a matcha kick lately.

The consensus most people have, even people who can drop $17 on a smoothie, is that it isn’t worth the price. As creamy and delicious as most reviews say the smoothies are, people want more bang for their buck. After reading the reviews and watching one too many TikToks on these special smoothies, I would love to try them all, but only as a one-time special treat.