If you've been to a juice shop recently, you may have noticed a cool-looking blue drink sitting on the fridge shelf. Blue Majik, the substance giving these drinks their blue hue, has taken the health food game by storm by mixing itself into trendy smoothie bowls, raw energy balls, and fresh-pressed juices.

Blue Majik is derived from the blue-green microalgae spirulina. Spirulina is an extremely nutrient-rich plant that contains a significant amount of B12, iron, vitamin A, and protein in just one teaspoon. 

Blue Majik has similar properties as spirulina but also contains C-Phycocyanin, a protein complex with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and brain-protective effects. This substance is what gives Blue Majik its bright blue colour. 

Although there isn't a lot of information about Blue Majik on the Internet yet, it has certainly taken off as a popular food fad. Its stunning colour is enough to get health food gurus reeling, and its health properties are just the cherry on top.

The question is: can something so healthy actually taste good? According to the Daily Mail, it has a bit of a fishy taste, and one taste-tester even said it has a likeness to "pond scum."

Clearly you don't want to just shake up some Blue Majik with water, but incorporating it into a smoothie or even coconut macaroons can mask the flavour of the sea.

If you're looking to buy Blue Majik powder, it can easily be purchased on Amazon, but beware—it doesn't come cheap. One 50 gram container comes at the hefty price of $62.25 USD, so before you take the leap and empty your wallet, make sure to taste test it at a local shop.

#SpoonTip: For all my Canadians, Fresh Restaurants in Toronto carries a Blue Majik "Endorphin" power shake as well as a blue lemonade.

Blue Majik is the up-and-coming superfood, so if you're all about the food trends, now's a good time to hop on it. Not only will you be benefiting your health, but you'll look like you're drinking the sea itself.