Magic Spoon has taken my favorite childhood breakfast to a whole new level. By combining the delights and convenience of cereal with the nutritional benefits the brand is known for, I may eat cereal every day for the rest of my life.

Cult-favorite cereal brand Magic Spoon just released two unique flavors based on two favorite spring desserts. The limited edition flavors, Strawberry Milkshake and Peaches & Cream, went live yesterday, March 7th, on National Cereal Day, and I obviously got my hands on them.

Shockingly, both cereals actually do taste like the desserts, especially when eaten in a bowl with milk, but since I got my hands on them early, I have the #ProTips.

My favorite is the strawberry milkshake, not shocking given I am an advocate for the highly underrated strawberry ice cream. I tried it with almond milk and cut up fresh strawberries and bananas for an extra little something, which elevated the cereal like no other.

When I first opened the peaches and cream, it smelt like Trolli’s Peachie O’s, which made me hesitant, but the cereal tasted fresh. With milk, it made the dessert flavor come to life.

My roommates and I have now tried the cereal by itself, in oatmeal, in ice cream, and any other way we could think. We will all attest it is delicious, in any and every way.

The cereals will be available for a limited time exclusively at for a case of four at $39 or a case of six at $54. The brand is known for selling out of its limited edition offers, so better get yours fast and excuse me while I stock up.