With the arrival of March, there are many fun things to look forward to. There’s the start of the warm weather, finally catching a break from school and exams with spring break, and then there’s St. Patrick’s Day. March also starts off with National Cereal Day on the 7th. One whole day to celebrate all of our favorite cereals. With National Cereal Day just a few days ago, so there’s plenty of leftover cereal to use for different treats. Here are a few different ways to use your leftover cereal:

Cereal Doughnuts

There are many different ways to do cereal doughnuts. One way you can do cereal doughnuts is with a simple glazed doughnut and then put cereal on as the topping. This is how they do it at Glazed and Confused in Syracuse, New York. You can also put cereal inside the doughnuts, so you have cereal in every bite!

Lily Bard

Cereal in Ice Cream

One of my favorite things to eat in the dining hall is soft serve with Froot Loops on top. It’s a simple way to eat some of the only good things in the dining hall. There’s also really good ice cream made with cereal in it. There are plenty of ice cream stores popping up all over cities where you get to mix in your choice of ice cream. Cereal and ice cream is a match made in heaven.

Manxi Qin

Cereal Marshmallow Treats-

Everyone’s childhood, and let’s be real adults too, favorite treat was a rice crispy treat. Some of my favorite memories were making Rice Krispy treats with my family, always best when warm! But recently I saw a video using different types of cereal in place of Rice Krispy’s. They were using Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and other cereals that looks very good coated in melted marshmallow.

Cereal Coated Chicken Tenders

I was recently watching a video where they used crushed up cereal as the coating for the chicken. I thought this looked like such a creative way to use cereal in a savory way! There were two different chicken cereal combos that I saw online. One was Corn Flake coated chicken tenders, and the other one was crushed Cheerio chicken tenders. The Cheerio version is also gluten-free for all the gluten-free fans.

Cereal Milk Soft Serve

Cereal milk soft serve isn’t exactly what it sounds like; it’s not just putting cereal on top of ice cream. Cereal milk is when cereal is soaked in milk so that the flavor of the cereal is infused in the milk. When they use the milk for the soft serve, it has a cereal taste without any cereal. Cereal milk soft serve tastes like you’re eating a bowl of cereal in ice cream form. At Milk, a treat bar which has various locations throughout NYC and is now spreading across the US, they have a cereal milk soft serve that comes with toasted Corn Flakes on the rim which is definitely a must try. 

Emily Gnat

Using cereal for other uses besides a morning breakfast has become a growing trend across the US and even across the pond in the UK. Cereal is definitely going to be big in 2018