Coconut has always been my favorite fruit in the summertime. Not only does it have a unique texture and refreshing tastiness, but it can also increase fat burning and reduce fat storage. Coconuts never disappoint us, especially when they are used for some guilt-free delights! Here are five iconic coconut recipes that you can try at home, or buy from your local dessert shop. 

#1. Coconut Water Coffee

Are you trying to find a substitute for milk in your coffee? Try coconut water! By replacing milk with coconut water, you will get a low-fat coffee that gives you an extra boost after working out. The steps are super simple: pour your espresso into coconut water and stir. If you like a creamier texture, you can add some coconut milk as well.

#2. Coconut Pudding

Charlotte He

I love the creamy, light texture of coconut pudding. Its flavors always remind me of the coconut milk that I used to indulge in when I was a kid. Although the steps to make the dessert are a little bit complicated, it is worth the time. Here is my recipe! 


150g milk 

500g coconut water

150g coconut milk

50g sugar

10g gelatin


Step 1: Mix the coconut water and coconut milk and stir.

Step 2: Heat the milk and add the sugar, stirring it gently until the sugar is resolved. 

Step 3: Pour the mixture of coconut water and coconut milk from Step 1 into the pot. Add gelatin. Remember to put the gelatin in cold water to let it dissolve in advance. Stir it gently on low heat. 

Step 4: Pour the mixture into containers and put them in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.

If you like a little extra natural touch for your pudding, you can allow the pudding to set inside fresh coconuts rather than the containers. Enjoy!

#3. Flavored Coconut Pudding

Charlotte He

One thing that I love about coconut pudding is the creativity that the recipe offers. You can top the coconut pudding with any fruits and flavor. Here are my favorite flavors: oreo, mango, and purple sweet potato. You can also use passion fruit, strawberry, chocolate, and any other toppings you prefer!

#4. Coconut Smoothie Bowl

If you are looking for a quick and nutritious breakfast recipe, a coconut smoothie bowl is a must-try. During summer, when we desperately seek something that is not too heavy, a coconut smoothie bowl or even just a coconut smoothie can enlighten our tastebuds and energize us.

My recipe is fairly simple: blend some coconut milk, frozen bananas, and a little bit of coconut water for your base. Then you can play with your own personal smoothie bowl by adding various toppings. And don't forget some coconut flakes as the final touch on top!

#5. Passionfruit Coconut Mousse

If you enjoying eating mousse, try the coconut flavor! A silky texture filled with the creaminess from coconut milk, this mousse is the perfect dessert to order on cheat day. The mousse itself surprises me with its smoothness, not to mention the touch of sourness from the passionfruit that pops in my mouth. The chocolate crust can almost fool you into believing it is a real coconut. 

Charlotte He

From coconut cold brew coffee to the ultimate passionfruit coconut mousse, you can hardly escape the delightful taste of coconut - and you won't want to. If you are looking for something that instantly rejuvenates the body as well as fulfills the tastebuds, try your hand at making some of these refreshing drinks and desserts.