Looking for the perfect light breakfast or snack as the days get warmer? With just four flexible ingredients, yogurt bowls are fresh, delicious, protein-packed and dorm-room-friendly. Consider making this yogurt bowl that's easily adjustable to your palette and pantry. 


There are so many different options to choose from, but for my yogurt bowl I use Chobani Yogurt. They have so many different flavors to try out, each one differently determining the flavor profile of your yogurt bowl. In this recipe, I go classic with the plain greek yogurt. It makes the perfect tangy base for my sweet and salty toppings. If you're more of a sweet person, you can always opt for the vanilla or fruit infused yogurt. Chobani also makes a wide variety of oat milk yogurts if you're looking to go dairy-free! 


Similarly to the yogurt department, the options for granola seem endless. There are so many brands out there, all promoting a different benefit. Grain-free, paleo, superfood, sugar-free...how do you decide? I look for granolas that are made of identifiable ingredients, and it doesn't hurt if they are relatively low in added sugar. The brand Purely Elizabeth does just that. Thanks to a recent shipment of their granolas, I've been able to try a variety of flavors. A light sprinkle of any of their granolas will provide the perfect sweet-salty crunch. What's my favorite for my current yogurt bowls, you ask? That prize would definitely go to blueberry hemp

Nut Butter

You always need that aesthetic drizzle to top off a yogurt bowl, and nut butters can do just that. For my bowls, I've been using the peanut butter from Crazy Richard's. They focus on all-natural ingredients and make their products without stabilizers or preservatives - just nuts! With just one ingredient, that nutty flavor packs a punch, and without any additives the peanut butter will drizzle smoothly over the top of yogurt bowl. I go for creamy, but if you want to add even more crunch to your spoonful, check out the crunchy option too.

Cora Bainum


This one is easy; it's whatever I have on hand. Recently, I've been stocking my freezer with frozen berries. They stay good for so much longer than fresh berries do, and they pack the same amount of flavor. The frozen texture also provides some extra crunch to the yogurt bowl. If I'm running low on frozen fruit though, or simply want to change up the flavors, the bananas and apples that the dining hall has are always a good option.  

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Tess Tarantino


Now that you have all your fine choices of ingredients, you get to put it all together. This is easy, but you can put as much, or as little, effort into the assembly as you choose. Obviously, start with the yogurt. Sprinkle the fruit and the granola right on top and then drizzle that nut butter over everything. Sometimes I like to go overboard with the detail, but even if you just throw everything on top, I promise you, it'll taste just as good.

Cora Bainum