Sunday, Jan. 21 answered the question football fanatics across the country have been analyzing since August: Who would be facing off in Minnesota for the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl? Super Bowl Sunday carries many emotions, and the best way to deal with this rollercoaster of emotions is by stuffing your face with delicious party snacks. However, it's hard to decide which of the many options to indulge in. This Super Bowl Sunday, while you watch the Patriots win that sixth ring, here is what you should be eating based on who your favorite Patriots player is.

Tom Brady

If your favorite player is TB12, a chicken wing is exactly what you will not be eating. As we all know, Tom lives an incredibly ~healthy~ lifestyle, as proven in his book "The TB12 Method." Spend your Super Bowl Sunday munching on a tray of veggies. After the game, celebrate the big win with a huge bowl of Tom's iconic avocado ice cream

Rob Gronkowski

A personality like Rob Gronkowski calls for an EPIC Super Bowl snack. This is why, if your favorite Patriots player is Gronk, you will be making your way through a snack stadium this Super Bowl Sunday. These snack stadiums are the Super Bowl Sunday of snacks, complete with anything and everything imaginable. Gronk would definitely be spiking the football for this concoction. 

Julian Edelman

True Patriots fans know that off the field, Julian Edelman is the burger connoisseur. When he is not busy making game wining catches, Julian Edelman is indulging Patriots fans alike with his YouTube channel. If Edelman is your favorite Patriot, spend your Super Bowl Sunday with some "burgertyme." To bring this meal to the next level, you can even try a burger from Edelman's go-to burger spot in Boston, Craigie on Main

Danny Amendola

This Super Bowl Sunday eat like the hero Danny Amendola has become. In an article about facts no one knows about Danny, he admitted that his favorite cheat day meal is some good fried chicken. Just like Danny is the hero of the playoffs, you can become the hero of the party when you arrive with a giant bucket of fried chicken. 

Bill Belichick

Although Bill is not a player, he is still a vital member of the team, and his no-nonsense attitude is hard not to embrace. A simple guy like Bill calls for a simple but classic snack—chips and guac. Although this is not the most elaborate tailgating food, it is timeless and beloved by everyone. Arrive bearing this, and you'll become a vital member of the tailgate. 

*BONUS* Jimmy Garoppolo       

Although gone, Jimmy G will never be forgotten. Jimmy will forever be in our hearts as a Patriot. If you are still grieving the loss of the most beloved backup quarterback of all time, grab a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor and park yourself on that couch. Besides, calories don't count on Super Bowl Sunday. 

As you gear up to cheer on the Pats this Super Bowl Sunday, don't forget to stock up on all these essential foods for each and every Patriots player. Until then, here in New England we are #notdoneyet. And if you are not yet a Patriots fan, it's not too late to hop on the bandwagon now.

Here's to another Super Bowl food coma!