Growing up in Miami, daughter to my father who bleeds orange and aqua, I’ve always been taught to love the Dolphins and hate the Jets. It’s a way of life. But if there’s something I’ve learned to hate probably just as much (it’s still debatable) as the Jets, it’s — yup, you guessed it — Tom Brady. I’m very confident that I am not the only one, therefore, I am going to give you a list of the snacks you should be eating this Sunday if you hate the Patriots… or even just shady Brady himself

1.Cuban Sliders

Naturally, I'm going to start off with channeling my hometown and fellow supporters of the Fins/Pats rivalry. I can usually chow down a full size one but we'll make it snack size just this once. 

2. Croquetas

What is Miami without the croqueta? You can tackle these delicacies homemade or buy a party platter from your nearest latin bakery. If you're in Miami and feeling extra you can order craft croquetas right to your door from Dos Croquetas (the buffalo crack chicken sounds fire).

3. Buffalo Wings

Could I be any more predictable? You were obviously gonna get a wing recipe and this ones for our Pat rivals in Buffalo (I see you). If you're not feeling wings, this buffalo chicken dip is dank.

4. Beef on Weck

Another Buffalo staple is this savory sammy. It's roast beef and au jus sauce in a kummelweck roll.

5. Hot Dogs

When the U.S. was finally #blessed with hot dogs it was in Coney  Island where they originated. If you've been to NY and haven't had a hot dog, I'm not sure what you're doing. I hate the Jets but I love hot dogs so I guess we can hate together. Try these tortilla-hot dogs or these mini crescent dogs.

6. NY Style Pizza

And if you can't get your hands on NY style pizza I'd try these pizza crescent rolls, mini pizza bagels or these low carb cauliflower pizza bites that make for the perf Super Bowl snacks.

7. Mac 'n' Cheese

If you hate the Patriots, then we're on the same team #GoFalcons! Treat your friends to some trendy southern cooking with these fried mac 'n' cheese bites to channel the Atlantan in you.

8. Chicken and Waffle Sliders

bacon, apple, maple syrup, caramel, syrup
Katie Elliott

They know how to make some good fried chicken in Georgia but if you really wanna impress your friends, these sweet and salty pieces of heaven are where it's at.

9. Sublime Doughnuts

If you're in Atlanta you need to go to Sublime Doughnuts. They say they're the best in the world. V fluffy unlike deflatriots. #EatOneThatsWorthIt

10. Popcorn

The Colts/Pats rivalry has been going on since the 70's when Indiana and New England were division rivals but the feud only grew stronger when the Colts left the AFC East and the game became a contest between Manning and Brady. If you didn't already know, Indiana is home to Orville and his popcorn so here are 21 ways to pimp out your popcorn for Super Bowl LI.

Let the food coma begin. Everyone in favor of making the Monday after the Super Bowl a holiday: sign here.