The Final Four tips off this Saturday with Auburn vs. Virginia and Texas Tech vs. Michigan State. No sporting event is complete without food, so I thought I would investigate into the favorites of each team and offer some ideas of support. 


The Auburn Basketball team eats hibachi the night before every game they play. Since last season, their dinner has become a superstitious ritual. When they didn’t eat at a hibachi restaurant the night before games against Kentucky and Ole Miss last year, they lost. Jared Harper, who lead the Auburn Tigers in their overtime win against Kentucky this past Sunday, is one of the many players staunch in keeping the tradition. Despite producing famous alumnus like Charles Barkley, this is Auburn’s first Final Four appearance. Could it be the power of the hibachi? If you want to support Auburn, find a hibachi restaurant near you!

Texas Tech

Chris Beard, head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders, is passionate about his food. In particular, he loves to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Texas-born Whataburger (most are open 24 hours). He never goes through the drive-through because he says you have to eat inside the restaurant for the full experience. Celebrate Texas Tech’s first Final Four appearance with a trip to your nearest Whataburger (or In N’ Out if Whataburger is not feasible) and if you are really a true fan, order an official Texas Tech Whataburger t-shirt.

Michigan State

Many of you may have became instant Michigan State fans after they upset the favorite, Duke. But perhaps you are a fan of MSU because of its continuous basketball success under Coach Tom Izzo, or through exceptional players like Magic Johnson. Whatever your cause, every fan needs a snack to enjoy while cheering on MSU. East Lansing, home to the Spartans, has a thriving Mexican food scene. Here’s a recipe on how to make nachos like one of the local restaurants, El Azteco, from a Spartan herself. Kick back, make this recipe, and watch Cassius Winston lead the Spartans against Texas Tech on Saturday.

University of Virginia

The community around UVA in Charlottesville has a ton of great food options, but when trying to make a decision, always ask Coach's opinion first. When asked about things people don’t know about head coach Tony Bennett, his players said that Coach Bennett’s favorite Charlottesville dessert is the peanut butter s’mores pizookie at BJ’s. Here is a recipe to make at home and cheer on the Cavaliers.

If your team isn't in it this year...

Here are some basketball inspired recipes for any Final Four party:

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