Why am I so passionate about tortilla recipes? I'm glad you asked. As the story goes, a long, long time ago (1992), in the far away land of Lubbock, Texas, a good ole game of throwing the pigskin went down between — then conference rivals — Texas Tech and #10 Texas A&M. In the middle of the game, an ESPN announcer made the comment that there was "nothing but Tech football and a tortilla factory in Lubbock." 

After this comment was made, in true nature of Red Raider students, tortillas started being thrown at the football games. Naturally, the story ends with Tech going on to upset the top 10 ranked Aggies, and the tortilla tradition became official.

Now, tortilla throwing isn't an art accepted by most people (or anyone besides students, really). In fact, rules were written to penalize Tech during games if a tortilla was to land on the field. Instead of deterring students from throwing tortillas, it encouraged them, and now it's a "commonly accepted" practice in Lubbock and beyond. 

Buying tortillas to throw at our enemies can get expensive (just kidding). But what if we found a way to use our love of tortillas for good, instead of evil? And as good as tacos and burritos are, the world of tortilla recipes is vastly unexplored, and I have some ideas to change up your perspective.

So whether you're part of the Tech family, or just a tortilla aficionado, come along as we explore the wonders that is the tortilla. 

1. Crunchwrap Supreme

lettuce, tomato, bread, cheese, sandwich
Katie Elliott

I don't always eat Taco Bell, but when I do I usually want a Crunchwrap Supreme. Now I don't even have to leave my house to bask in all this yummy glory.

2. BLT Quesadilla

chicken, basil, spinach
Katie Elliott

Bread is so mainstream, and everyone is so hipster nowadays, so why not try this classic (now on a tortilla) to shake up your lunch schedule?

3. Nachos in a Mug

soup, tomato, garlic, cream, bread, chili, vegetable, salsa, parsley
Dina Cheney

This is nacho average snack. Please laugh for my sake—or just try the recipe anyway. Either works.

4. Dessert Quesadillas

Alex Weiner

If you're like me, your sweet tooth is nearly insatiable 24/7. Lucky for us, these recipes provide a short-term fix.

5. Spicy Breakfast Quesadilla

pizza, cheese, bread
Rebecca Simonov

The spicy breakfast quesadilla, a new take on an already non-traditional breakfast item, is sure to make sure to give you that extra kick you need to get started in the morning.

6. Tortilla-Wrapped Hotdog

bun, cake, bread, sweet, pastry
Casey Hack

You can get yourself a dollar hot dog at the next Texas Tech baseball game, or you can try out this recipe and never have a plain ole hotdog ever again. Fun for kids and and adults alike and simple enough for anyone to make, these are sure to become a new favorite.

7. Pizza-dilla

pancake, chocolate, sauce, cake, pastry, sweet
Christopher Garcia

The freshman 15 is usually brought to you by the amount of accessible free pizza around campus. However, if we can make pizza healthier, we can justify eating it more often, right? I sure think so, so why not try it out?

8. Superbowl Tortilla Cups

fish, bread, tomato, vegetable, cheese
Alexis Clark

Whether you are putting on your own Superbowl party or attending another, show up with these tasty bites and you'll be the new MVP.

9. Elephant Ears

pastry, cheese, dairy product, bread
Judy Holtz

My favorite thing about tortillas is the ability to make them sweet or savory, and elephant ears are a great way to try it all. So whether you need to satisfy a craving or feel like munching, check out these recipes here.

10. Banana Churro Tortilla Pockets

Katie Elliott

Churros are traditionally known as a pretty unhealthy item, but I guess frying anything tends to do that. If you have 10 minutes, then you have enough time to try this unique recipe, and fall in love with this healthier alternative.

Tortillas don't have to be used for evil, and I hope this inspires you to go out and achieve your wildest tortilla dreams. Also, if you're ever in Lubbock at a football game, there's no shame in throwing a tortilla (as long as you save some to make your post-victory dinner).